Hideo Kojima says that only Microsoft understood his new game: the rest thought he was crazy

Hideo Kojima and Microsoft are working on a new video game and the Japanese creative has offered new details in an interview.

Overdose aims to be Hideo Kojima’s video game with Microsoft.

Hideo Kojima has returned to the news of the world of video games, since he was one of the main stars of the The Game Awards 2022 gala when he came out on stage confirm the development of Death Stranding 2. However, the Japanese creative is immersed in two projects at the same time and the other will arrive under the signature of Microsoft, as confirmed by the company itself. Everything indicates that it is Overdose, the game leaked a few months ago, but Kojima still does not confirm it. However, he has assured that only Microsoft bet on it when nobody did.

This was stated in an interview with our fellow IGNwhere Kojima has offered new details of this project in which he is working together with Microsoft. “The title together with Microsoft is something I’ve been thinking about for about five or six years. The project required a infrastructure we have never needed beforeso I’ve discussed it with a lot of different big companies and put together presentations, but surely they must have thought i was crazy. As a last resort, Microsoft showed they got the ideaand now we are working together on the project, including the technological front”, highlights the director of Kojima Productions.

Surely this title is one of the most anticipated video games by Xbox fansalthough everything indicates that it will be a video game that will a whole new use of the cloudso you would not need a console, since everyone knows that Hideo Kojima loves innovate and explore ideas that have yet to be seen in video games.

Overdose would be like a new medium: a video game that no one has ever played

Among other details that Hideo Kojima has revealed about this new project with Microsoft, he highlights his intention to create a new medium by launching the title. If with Death Stranding his intention was to introduce a new genre, this time he wants to go further to create an experience that no one has ever had next to a video gamealthough he did not want to go into details regarding what he specifically refers to.

Xbox could be preparing an event for early 2023

Taking into account the Overdose leaked material, everything would indicate that it is about a horror video game, although it remains to be seen what all the ideas that the creative Japanese has in mind translate into and with which it intends to revolutionize the interactive leisure sector again.