Hiroaki Shibata, producer of ‘One Piece Film Red’:

The film will land in Spanish cinemas dubbed into Catalan and Spanish this Thursday

The film ‘One Piece Film Red’ will land on Thursday in Spanish cinemas dubbed into Spanish and Catalan after its box office success in Japan and France, among other countries: “We are in the best moment of the series”, the producer of the film, Hiroaki Shibata, in an interview with Europa Press this Wednesday

Shibata has attributed the good reception of the film in those countries where it has already been released to the good moment that the manga is experiencing, with 25 years of experience, and the appearance of the red-haired pirate Shanks, a character who is still an unknown in the main plot but which is “much loved” by fans.

The producer believes that “all the effort” of the author and creator of the manga, Eiichiro Oda, has been accumulated throughout these 25 years, the series has reached its climax and now the followers respond with passion to the new installments and to this last movie, he said.

In ‘One Piece Film Red’, the Straw Hats gang attends the first live concert of the “world’s most beloved” singer, Uta, the daughter of Shanks with whom the protagonist Luffy had a friendship relationship in childhood. , but that is twisted to discover that he has become a pirate.

Shibata explained that they have made the film in coordination with Oda, who has done the illustration of the characters that have not yet appeared in the main plot to correspond to those in the film, such as Shanks and his crew.

The director of the film, Goro Taniguchi, has assured that it is Oda who has to decide if Uta will appear in the original ‘One Piece’ manga or not, but Shibata has asked fans to look for her because she may appear “in some scene”, although he did not want to specify which one.

The singer Miree will be responsible for giving voice to Uta’s songs in both Spanish and Catalan, which have been adapted by the dubbing, translation and adaptation teams in coordination with SelectaVisión, Toei Animation and the artist herself, while the dialogues of the new protagonist will be in charge of the dubbing actress Marta Moreno.