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Since episode 1005, fans have been waiting for a big Chopper battle. Oda hasn’t really given Chopper a chance to shine yet – although it seems recent episodes are definitely setting the stage for something big.

In 1006, “I will not forgive him! Chopper’s determination! although the title speaks for itself, Chopper barely gets 2 minutes of screen time. Corn Queen’s virus-inducing Excite Bullets cause major hype.

1007 put it thicker – Queen reveals the true purpose of the virus, Ice Oni: he wants to turn disposable pleasures and servers into ice zombies to battle the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance.

Chopper says he needs the antidote to make a cure. Will he succeed in obtaining Queen’s only vial of antidote? Will he be able to defeat him?

This page contains One Piece spoilers.

In episode 1010, “Eliminate the Ice Oni – Chopper’s Fire Trick”, we will see the beginning of Chopper’s victory against Queen’s Ice Oni.

According to manga chapter 1007, Chopper creates a counter-virus called Chopperphage using Ice Oni antibodies that eliminate the Queen’s virus from infected people.

Queen, convinced of the Ice Oni’s devastating impact, decides to play a game. He passes Scratchmen Apoo the antidote and tells her to defend him against Zoro and Drake; if he failed, he would kill him.

Zoro manages to snap Apoo and collects the antibodies for Chopper.

During this time, Chopper himself contracted the virus. Robin tells her that her right hand had been infected and was already starting to freeze.

The Ice Oni virus causes people to lose their minds and become ice-brained killing machines. They become so strong and enduring that they cannot be defeated by conventional means.

When Hyogoro is infected, he regains the physical strength of his youth, his muscles swell, his height increases. He can stand up instantly after being knocked down, achieving some zombie-like durability.

Infected victims can transmit the virus to others through physical contact, such as a bite.

Brook of course doesn’t have a human body, so he’s not infected, but unfortunately the doctor himself is infected and begins to transform into an ice oni.

When Zoro gives the antibodies to Chopper, we see how tiny the vial is. now, at this point, I know for a fact that some readers thought Chopper would use it to heal himself.

There are two possible reasons for this:

1) Readers believed Queen when Queen tells the samurai that there is no way Chopper is helping heal them because he was a pirate.

2) Victims can last only one hour after first contact with the virus – convinced that Chopper couldn’t die yet, some fans probably thought Oda would let Chopper take the antibodies, then cook up something else later to redeem his character.

But this is Doctor Chopper we’re talking about – there is no way he will save himself and let everyone else die from the virus.

Oda gives us the best of the best and ensures that Chopper emerges a victorious hero. Instead of using the antibodies for himself, Chopper uses them to make the counter-virus Chopperphage.

Chopper realizes that there are too many people infected to be cured with antibody injections. He tries to multiply the antibodies but in vain.

So he decides to create his own virus that could fight the Ice Oni and eliminate it completely. He takes the liquid antibodies and converts them into a benign artificial virus he calls Chopperphage..

Chopperphage is a gaseous virus that can spread through the air and does not require physical contact unlike the Ice Oni.

Chopper tells Miyagi and Tristan to fire gas from a cannon so he can release the cure to everyone who was infected at once.

When fired, Chopperphage’s cloud resembles Chopper’s face and then heals the entire island, allies and enemies. Could Chopper have more shine?

Does Hyogoro die after becoming an Ice Oni?

In Chapter 1006, Hyogoro, the former Yakuza boss of the Flower Capital, asks Yatappe to kill him after his infection gets worse.

Just as the blade is about to strike him, Chopper arrives and administers the Chopperphage in the form of a pill to save him.

The counter-virus heats up Hyogoro’s frozen body and eliminates the virus from his system in seconds.

After seeing the cure’s effect on Hyogoro, the Mink Tribe pull out the cannon and scatter the Chopperphage to everyone in the performance hall.

This has no effect on people who had not been infected, but those who were ice onis, begin to thaw and regain their senses.

In this way, Chopper was able to counter Queen’s deadly plague and healed thousands, including the Beasts Pirates crew, who were destined to die.

It is because of this act that the cured members of the Beasts Pirates turn against Queen himself.

Is Queen defeated by Chopper?

Chopper does not defeat Queen but destroys her icy plague. Queen’s subordinates stand against him and Marco, who had previously used his Phoenix form to temporarily reverse oni transformations, keeps Queen held down.

Queen and Chopper | Source: Fandom

Chopper uses his Rumble Balls to transform into his Monster Point form. He punches Queen in the neck, but unfortunately his punches are only superficial.

Corn no one expected Chopper to knock out an All-Star. All we wanted was to see him get his moment – and he does.

The One Piece anime really exceeded my expectations by giving us extra scenes that weren’t even in the manga. I can’t wait to see the 1007 chapter animated and see my boy Chopper get his due.

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