How many chapters does the One Piece anime have? Is it the longest in history?

one piece” is usually synonymous with ‘I’m going to die before I finish this anime‘. Things as they are, Eiichiro Oda decided to create a story that is not exactly ‘short’, but it is no less true that the true magic of the work lies precisely in the journey it offers. Still, as long as this anime is… is it really one of the longest anime ever? How many episodes does he have to justify something like that anyway?

As you can imagine, today’s intention is to review how long is “One Piece” currently and where does it rank on the list of longest anime ever. If I have one thing for sure, it is that more than one of you will be surprised from here.

How many chapters did One Piece have in 2020? And in 2021?

Reviewing the entire history of Eiichiro Oda’s work can certainly be quite crazy, but taking a look at how things have gone in recent years before giving the current is not unreasonable either.

  • Since July 2019 the One Piece anime is in the Wano arc. That is to say, in two days it will be 3 years since this madness started.
  • Since then, the thing with the anime has gone as follows:
    • At the end of 2019 the One Piece anime had 915 chapters. ✔️
    • At the end of 2020the anime was already at 956. ✔️
    • Right at the end of last year, in 2021, the anime reached 1004. Yes, it was last year that we already entered this most incredible 4-digit mark. ✔️

How many chapters does One Piece currently have in 2022?

Let’s get down to work, this really does not have much mystery when it comes to dealing with:

  • With the ease of have it on Crunchyrollone can see that today (July 5, 2022) the One Piece anime consists of a total of 1023 chapters. ❗
  • This data belongs to the numbering of the chapters that purely belong to the story (either canon or filler). Obviously there are many other specials that have been broadcast in recent years and that would considerably expand the data (but no, they don’t count).

When will be the end of One Piece? How many chapters could it end up having?

And with all that amalgamation of data at hand… is it possible to know when the end of this work will come?

  • Regarding How many anime chapters could One Piece end up having at its conclusion… Well, obviously today there is no definitive answer. However, below I leave you with an approach that I think is interesting:
    • Currently, it has been confirmed that the saga after Wano and The Emperors of the Sea will be the last from One Piece.
    • Taking into account that this saga has not yet concluded in anime, and given the relevance of what will be the final saga, it seems logical to me that at least the final stretch will have the same extension as the fan of The Emperors of the Sea.
  • Putting all this data in context, and assuming that Wano in anime may still have about 15-20 chapters of content left, I would bet because the One Piece anime would end up with at least 1200-1250 chapters. ❗
  • Counting, then, that an average of 50 chapters of One Piece are broadcast each year (and that there is more or less half a year ahead), I don’t expect the anime as such to end before we get to 2026. Obviously this at a minimum. ❗

Is the One Piece anime one of the longest in history?

Now we come to the funniest part of the whole article, because if you’re thinking that “One Piece” is really long, I can only say prepare yourselves for what’s coming:

  • As we have seen, One Piece has a total of 1023 anime episodes… so It is not even in the top 10 longest anime in history.
  • Then I leave you with the list of animes that have the most episodes aired in your possession (some data may be relatively inaccurate since all these animes are hardly tracked weekly):
    1. Sazae-san: 8100 chapters. ❗
    2. Nintama Rantaro: 2245 chapters.
    3. Ojarumaru: +1800 chapters.
    4. Oyako Club: 1818 chapters.
    5. Doraemon: +1800 chapters.
    6. Sore Ike! Anpanman: +1500 chapters.
    7. Manga Nippon Mukashi Banashi: 1471 chapters.
    8. Hoka Hoka Kazoku: 1428 chapters.
    9. Kirin Ashita no Calendar: 1306 chapters.
    10. Chibi Maruko-chan: +1200 chapters.
    11. Pokémon: +1100 chapters.
    12. Crayon Shin-chan: +1100 chapters.
    13. Detective Conan: +1000 chapters.
    14. ONE PIECE: +1000 chapters.

So what is the longest anime of all time and how many chapters does it have?

As you can see, “Sazae-san” completely destroys everything that crosses his path. But, What exactly?

  • Sazae-san’s anime has been broadcast since October 5, 1969… and since then it has remained there, with its more than 8,000 chapters. ❗
  • Originally, Sazae-san was actually a manga created by Machiko Hasegawawhich remained in publication from 1946 to 1974 (yes, almost 80 years ago this legendary story was born).
  • For those who are curious, Sazae-san is a purely slice-of-life anime chronicling the life of Sazae’s family. She has no more; is a family anime whose stories have multiplied endlessly.

As you can see, the “One Piece” anime isn’t ‘that long’ if you give it a bit of context… well okay, it’s still eternal, but it deserves it. Secondly, if at some point someone tells you now that you don’t start watching “One Piece” because ‘gives him a stick‘ as long as it is, you can always show him this article so that he sees that in this world there will always be something worse… unless your name is “Sazae-san”.

Synopsis of One Piece

Monkey. D. Luffy refuses to let anyone stand in his way on his quest to become the king of all pirates. With a path charted through the treacherous waters of the Grand Line and beyond, it’s about a captain who will never give up until he lands the greatest treasure on Earth: the Legendary One Piece.