How much strength does Boa Hancock really have in One Piece?


Boa Hancock’s powers might not be being valued as they should.

If we consider that the plot of One Piece has been evolving to a great extent during the last chapters, after the revelations of the true strength of Luffy with the Fifth Gear and the discovery of the fruit that has given the powers to the Straw Hat, it is logical that other concerns arise regarding the rest of the characters in the Shonen series. And, although many of them have been thoroughly delved into previously, the reality is that few female characters have had the leading role in One Piece. That is why it is so important to mention Boa Hancock, as she is the only female member of the extinct Seven Warlords of the Sea. This makes her one of the key pieces in understanding the power levels in female figures in One Piece.

The pirate rules the island of Lirio del Amazonas, the home of the Kuja, a tribe of female warriors. The peculiarity of this site is that men are prohibited from entering. And, although Hancock is understood to possess great power, he is often overshadowed by the comedic character of the adventure series, beginning with the chapter in which he fell in love with Luffy. But leaving aside the witty tints of One Piece, Hancock’s abilities, which he developed thanks to the Devil Fruit, should not be questioned, in addition to the mastery of Haki (the ability to use spiritual energy to subdue enemies) .

The Devil Fruit Powers That Boosted Boa Hancock’s Powers

To contextualize, the Mero Mero no Mi (or, the fruit of love) was the one that gave Boa a certain power while she was in a slave condition by the Nobles of the World. this devil fruit allowed the pirate to turn anyone who was attracted to her, regardless of gender, to stone. This did nothing but give her a great advantage, since if Boa is known for something, it is for her beauty. And to achieve this power there are several ways.

For example, Hancock can do it from a distance with a heart-shaped lightning bolt or arrows, also heart-shaped. This shot will turn his enemies to stone, the same as blowing a kiss on them. At close range it is also possible for him to turn them to stone if he hits them. But the effect only reverses itself.

Although the Mero Mero no Mi has many advantages, it also has its own limitations. The ability totally loses its power on people with a pure heart, Luffy being the best example of it. But also the strength of some pirates restricts this power, like Dracule Mihawk or Sir Crocodile, on whom it definitely has no effect. Even Vice Admiral Momonga was able to counter it by stabbing his own hand, as the pain made any thought of lust impossible. In this way, it can be said that Boa Hancock’s devil fruit is quite powerful, especially for the way he uses it against his enemies.


What are the main skills of the Pirate?

As we have mentioned, the devil fruit has given her great power, however, it is not the only ability that Boa Hancock has developed. Her ability to fight hand-to-hand has earned her a title of fearsome fighterEspecially when it comes to kicking. And, although, I drive away many of his rivals with this technique, also she is a master of ranged combat. So your aim with the arrow is pretty accurate.

Secondly, Another of his best skills is the use of Haki, showing the three types (rather difficult to use). First of all, the Haki of Observation allows him to perceive things that for most people it would be impossible to see, which helps him to read the movements of his rivals; secondly, the Armament that enhances his physical attack; and lastly, the Conqueror’s Haki (which he shares with Luffy, by the way).

While marksmanship and combat are Hancock’s strengths, the strength of the Warlords is no slouch. On the contrary, it could be said that he is very close to reaching the top, even if he is not at the Yonko level. However, it should be recognized that his victory against the pacifists has placed him in an enviable position, compared to Gecko Moria and Buggy the Clown. Also, the fact that his sisters Sandersonia and Marigold belong to his crew and master Observation Haki, as Zoan Devil Fruit users, shows that the strength of his crew is even greater. Furthermore, these multiple factors guaranteed him such strength that he still fought even though his status as a warlord was revoked. Following an attempted arrest, it is still unknown what happened after the fight and where Hancock is at the moment.

There are many speculations that his disappearance is not a coincidence. But he may have managed to escape a cruel fate. Meanwhile, one would expect what One Piece reveals later.

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