How Rocks D. Xebec influenced the Five Emperors?

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Rocks D. Xebec was said to be so formidable that it took Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Garp to fight together to defeat him. This man was a monster. But, in our opinion, what made him even more dangerous was the knowledge he possessed.

Taboo subjects of the world

Rocks is said to have tampered with information that the World Government has forbidden access to. It could very well be the poneglyphs. Rocks probably had some means of reading poneglyphs, which allowed him to learn parts of ancient history. This is probably how he learned of the existence of the “King of the World”. He sought to overthrow the Celestial Dragons and by extension Im-sama, and usurp the position for himself.

Perhaps it was while being part of the Rocks crew that Big Mom and Kaido learned of the existence of the Poneglyphs and their importance.

God Valley

38 years ago, on the island of God Valley, Garp and Roger teamed up to put down the uprising of the Xebec Pirates. The Rocks had come to the island to slay the Celestial Dragons that were gathered there that day.

Here’s what Sengoku had to say: “An island whose existence the World Government longed to keep secret, had disappeared. »

This implies that the World Government was concealing the identity of the island even before the incident. It’s fair to assume the government called the island after the incident. But why did they try to hide it before? We believe the island was home to the last dragon egg.

It’s logic

The Celestial Dragons would gather there to try to acquire it, due to their infatuation with the Dragons. They call themselves Dragons, their symbol is a dragon’s hoof, they ordered Vegapunk to create artificial dragons, the artificial devil fruit created by Vegapunk was one of the dragons.

That would explain the giant egg on Roger’s ship. Maybe Roger took the egg, after beating Rocks. Maybe this dragon guards Laugh Tale or something.

Impact of Rocks on the 5 Emperors

rock crew

1-White Beard

Whitebeard doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to associate with someone as wild and cruel as Rocks. But he did. We believe it was because he used the treasure he obtained to fund the livelihood of the people of Sphinx Island.

Marco told Nekomamushi that Newgate was doing shady things to support the people of his country. Maybe partnering with Rocks and doing his job could be that quid pro quo.

Whitebeard also learned from Rocks what a pirate shouldn’t be.. He is everything Rocks is not.


The Rocks Crew Reportedly Was Linlin’s Birthplace. It’s no exaggeration to say that Perospero, Katakuri, Oven, and Daifuku were born on the Rocks’ crew boat.


The Rocks crew is the one that has basically taught Kaido the ways of a pirate when he was just an apprentice on Rocks’ ship. Kaido doesn’t seem to care about infighting within his crew, as long as he gets what he wants. It could be a shadow of a trait he picked up during his time at Xebec, as we know the crew were notorious for their infighting.


This is where it gets interesting. Blackbeard bears undeniable similarities to the Rocks. Their general character, the fact that Blackbeard’s ship is called Xebec’s Saber, and the history of the pirate island.

Blackbeard is said to be very interested in historical research. Perhaps during one of his research he came across a tale of a monster called Rocks D. Xebec and was immediately captivated. As Luffy is the will bearer of Roger, Blackbeard is the will bearer of Roger’s greatest enemy, Rocks.. Perhaps Rocks was the previous user of the Yami Yami no Mi and Teach, upon discovering it, boarded Blackbeard’s ship in search of this fruit.


Like many others, we feel that Shanks could be the son of Rocks D. Xebec.

Shanks is 39, so at the time of the incident in God Valley, he would have been 1 year old. Rocks left behind an infant in God Valley, and Roger took him under his wing.

Whitebeard tells Shanks that the scar he got from “that guy” hurts when he sees him. This guy is Rocks. As the crew was prone to infighting, Rocks could have had a run-in with Whitebeard.

But at the same time, we can say that Shanks is not Xebec’s son. If he was, then he would carry the will of God.

If Shanks carries the initial of D., why Roger did not entrust the future to Shanks, that is to say did not put him on the path to becoming King of the Pirates, and preferred have a child?

Roger wanted to have a child to pass down the initial D., so he could give birth to a D. to become the Pirate King. If Shanks carried D.’s will, then why didn’t Roger think that Shanks, whom he essentially raised, was going to be the Pirate King?

Shanks might or might not be Rocks’ son. It’s a joker.