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Tea The video game One Piece Odyssey has been announced with pre-orders and will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and Windows. One Piece Odyssey JRPG’s expected release date is currently January 1, 2023, and that’s fast approaching, with many fans looking forward to picking it up. Pre-ordering this game is the best bet for players who want to guarantee their copy from day one.

Pre-orders are a bit confusing, but this guide will explain what Bandai USA, Bandai EU, Steam, and Gamestop offer.

Where to pre-order One Piece Odyssey

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Pre-order One Piece Odyssey from Bandai USA

The first place you can pre-order your copy of One Piece Odyssey is on the official Bandai USA website. The options here are for the physical version depending on the platform you choose. The Standard Edition option opens a page where you choose which console platform you want. You can request a maximum of two copies on all available platforms.

When choosing what to preorder, you can select the standard edition, which is the lowest cost option for the physical game only. Excluding shipping, this version is priced at $59.99. From there, you can move on to the limited edition bundle for any of the three consoles. It is important to note that the Bandai USA pre-order does not include any virtual extras in the game.

However, the Bandai EU store lists the virtual items as a pre-order bonus. Therefore, pre-order bonus items may or may not be included when placing a pre-order from Bandai USA.

Preorder One Piece Odyssey on Steam

You can also order from Steam, though this only gets you a digital download of the game. The standard version of Steam lists additional content in the game to help you as soon as you start playing. They list the pre-order bonus as 10 Energy Apples, 10 Excite Apples, 3 Golden Jellies, 100,000 Berries, and a travel outfit set for the entire Straw Hat crew.

Gamestop also offers this preorder bonus. Although Gamestop displays the Bandai Namco pre-order bonus image, this image is nowhere to be found on the Bandai USA pre-order page. This bonus is most likely included with the Bandai USA pre-order, but it is strange that there are no details about it on the Bandai USA page.

One Piece Odyssey Limited Edition Bundle or Deluxe Bundle

Each Bandai USA Limited Edition Bundle comes with the Standard Edition and also includes a Luffy and Lim figure. The official Bandai EU website lists this as a Collector’s Edition and includes a bonus steel book, postcards, and a collector’s box that have not yet been verified for the Bandai USA Limited Edition. The Bandai USA site also notes that a pre-order bonus is included with this bundle, but there’s no way to verify exactly what it is.

There is no limited edition bundle available on Steam or any retailer. However, you can pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition on Steam. The Deluxe Edition has the Adventure Expansion Pack, Adventure Expansion Pack Bonus, 100,000 Berries, and a special outfit set for Sniper King Usopp. On the Bandai EU page, the Adventure Expansion Pack grants Future Story DLC and the bonus is another 100,000 Bells.

In conclusion, the only way to get everything for the physical versions is to live in the EU and order the Bandai EU collector’s set. The next option is the Bandai USA pre-order which includes the figurines and pre-order bonuses. Pre-ordering just the standard physical game for your console may be better at Gamestop as they list the pre-order bonus and guarantee you’ll receive the game code within 2 business days of your order being shipped.

And that is how can you preorder One Piece Odyssey, along with all the bonuses you get. This new One Piece game ventures into JRPG territory with an original story featuring new characters. While some might dismiss this as something akin to a filler episode, there is nothing wrong with other official One Piece stories as long as they provide fun and entertainment for fans of the series. And if you are up to date with One Piece anime, you should watch similar series that will keep you entertained while you wait for new episodes and your copy of One Piece Odyssey.

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