How to watch One Piece on Netflix Spain – Relax Type

The expressions “netflix” and “anime” seem to be getting a little more connected every day. And not only because the subscription interface has added a lot of anime to its catalogue, but rather because the production of its own projects is becoming much more frequent, such as Castlevania or the latest film The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. However, the North American company is also interested in the reverse development: turning the popular anime into live-action movies. That is what we are talking about today. and at this moment Netflix gives the first data on his film adaptation of One Piece.



Today’s chapter was an information bomb everywhere, let’s start with the discovery that Oden was talking about his son and not about Luffy, it is Momonosuke who is going to bring dawn to the planet, but he is afraid of the fact that who sees that the planet is extremely dangerous, and sees that opening borders can open doors to enormous risks. It is very common for him to think so, he is in one of the biggest wars of the century trying to save his capital from a floating island and it was caused by a pirate; He truly deigned to care about his people, but I think Yamato is going to give him some parting expressions that will make him mention to Zunesha to destroy everything in his path.

On the other hand, we find ourselves coming to a complete end since I think this is going to be Luffy’s last surprise attack, an attack that defeats Kaido, something very poetic that defeats him with an attack called Hydra Dragon from Greek mythology. . Now we’re also wondering what’s next for Luffy. We used to be worried about Robin, but the leftover Cp0 agents are after him, is he more essential to the government than Robin at this point?

Where can I watch One Piece on Netflix?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, One Piece was only available for the US, Australia, Canada, and Japan, although they promised to bring it to much more areas. As soon as we have news about new zones, we will update the post, although many more seasons and many more countries are expected to be added soon.

If you are from one of these 4 countries, all you have to do is find your favorite Netflix series. They even made an official internet portal. This Internet address is:


The anime distributed by Toei Animation stars a young man. called Monkey D. Luffy, who intends to start an adventure in the East Blue Sea to get One Piece and proclaim himself the new Pirate King.

If you’re crazy about software, you can imagine that One Piece isn’t available in every Netflix catalogue, and if it is, you’ll probably only find certain seasons.

Netflix shows for the first time the series directly from One Piece and its amazing sets

If you want to see One Piece in Netflix from Spain without drawback, we recommend NordVPN. It is a VPN with the best security and privacy features, the best speeds, and the highest geo-location unblocking ability in the world. No, you shouldn’t, as free VPNs to watch One Piece on Netflix do not guarantee the security or privacy you need for your connection. In addition to this, technically commenting, it is very normal that a free VPN does not have the agility or the precise geographic unblocking to enter Netflix abroad. At this precise moment, one of the best anime series in history is coming to the Netflix catalog very soon, although for the moment only in a few countries.

They propose a catalog or other content depending on the country where you come from and this is eminently due to the rights of creator and transmission of their content. A VPN that can unblock One Piece in Netflix and the rest of your catalog in the respective country. For now, the continuation of the series started and left asks, apart from the license, the relaunch of the dubbing. So for now, let’s stick with the intention and hopefully Luffy’s career in this country will start again soon. For Spanish-speakers, the path began on Telecinco, with certain censorship always rejected by fans, and continued on Boing, where it reached 400 episodes. The Catalans were much luckier and made it to episode 516, but from then on they were also waiting.