How to watch ‘One Piece’ without filler: which episodes can you skip from the long and iconic pirate anime without fear of missing anything

After more than 20 years in broadcast and with more than 1000 episodes behind their backs, ‘one piece‘ is the king of anime and it’s hard to think of another series that can immediately unseat it. The Adventures of Monkey D Luffy and his crew have kept us glued to the screen (and the panels) for decades, and Eiichiro Oda has finally announced that the manga is entering its last stage.

So it is possible that in a few years we will have the end in sight… but in the meantime and if you still haven’t gotten your act together with the anime, it’s a perfect time to catch up little by little. But of course, starting from scratch with a series that has more than 1000 episodes can give a lot of respect, so here we leave you a guide to be able to see ‘One Piece’ skipping the filler.

Come with me, let’s go now

The good news is that of the 1,000-odd episodes that ‘OnePiece’, it can be said that it does have some padding that is not necessary to follow the main plot. The bad news is that it doesn’t have as much infill percentage as ‘Naruto‘ and other series and that the vast majority are “canon” episodes that adapt the manga. But still, there are some that we can omit completely.

As with many other anime, we have chapters that are completely filler and some that mix manga history and original material from the series. In principle, we leave the latter within the “official viewing” and we only focus on those that are totally new filler material. So with this in mind, So we would have the list of chapters of ‘One Piece’ within each saga that we could skip without fear:

Saga of the East Blue

Millennium Dragon Arc

  • Chapters 54 to 60 – FILLING

arabasta saga

alabasta arch

  • Chapters 98 and 99 – FILLING
  • Chapter 102 – FILLING

Straw Hats Story Arc

  • Chapters 131 to 135 – FILLING
Arabasta Saga

skype saga

  • Chapters 136 to 138 – FILLING

Rainbow Mist Arc

  • Chapters 139 to 143 – FILLING

Naval Fortress G-8 Arch

  • Chapters 196 to 206 – FILLING

Saga of Water Seven

Ocean’s Dreams Arc

  • Chapters 220 to 224 – FILLING

Foxy’s Return Arc

  • Chapters 225 and 226 – FILLING

Enies Lobby Arch

  • Chapters 279 to 283 – FILLING
  • Chapters 291 and 292 – FILLING
  • Chapter 303 – FILLING
  • Chapters 317 to 319 – FILLING
One Piece Water7

Thriller Bark Saga

Ice Hunter Bow

  • Chapters 326 to 336 – FILLING

Spa Island Arc

  • Chapters 382 to 384 – FILLING

Saga of the Marineford War

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

  • Chapters 406 and 407 – FILLING

Little East Blue Arc

  • Chapters 426 to 429 – FILLING

Impel Down Arc

  • Chapters 457 and 458 – FILLING
  • Chapter 492 – FILLING
  • Chapter 499 – FILLING
  • Chapter 506 – FILLING

Fish-Man Island Saga

Fish-Man Island Arc

Saga of Dressrossa

Z’s Ambition Arc

  • Chapters 575 to 578 – FILLING

Punk Hazard Bow

Caesar Kidnapping Arc

  • Chapters 626 to 628 – FILLING

Whole Cake Island Saga

Silver Mine Bow

  • Chapters 747 to 750 – FILLING

Bow of Zou

  • Chapters 751 – FILLING
  • Chapters 775 – FILLING

Navy Supernova Arc

  • Chapters 780 to 782 – FILLING
one piece

Wano Country Saga

Cidre Guild Bow

  • Chapters 895 and 896 – FILLING

Wano Country Arc (Part 1)

Uta’s Past Arc

  • Chapters 1029 and 1030 – FILLING

With this list ahead, it must be said that there have been fewer and fewer episodes that are completely filler and they have been spaced out more. Also, many of these filler chapters are still very funny and don’t leave you feeling like you’ve wasted your time with them and several also partly serve to mark anime milestones… Like 907, which celebrates the fact that anime has been broadcast for 20 years.

the series of ‘OnePiece’ can be seen in Crunchyrollalthough unfortunately (and if what we want is to remember the early days of when it began to be broadcast) is only available in subtitled Japanese and for now you can’t see it folded. Of course, every Sunday a new update arrives and we have new chapters every week.