How will Law survive Chapter 1064?

In SBS 102, Oda answered a question.

D: Hello, Odacchi! Looking at the cover page of Chapter 1031, it seems that Bepo is the number 2 of the Heart Pirates, right? I was surprised because I thought Penguin, Shachi and Bepo all tied for second place! You mean Bepo (along with Sulong?) is the strongest between them? PN Pudding-ya

O: That blanket, huh? As with Zoro, not all of these characters have the title of vice-captain.. I selected the n°2 as I heard it. Usually, Shachi and Penguin are more reliable, but these two – who saw Bepo’s Sulong form – are no match for Bepo in terms of combat power…! I recognize him.

Sounds like we’ll see Sulong Bepo soon. Oda claimed that Shachi and Penguin are normally better than Bepo and would be better candidates for vice-captain, except when adding Sulong. Because when Bepo transforms, they’re no match for him. So how are we going to see this play out?

In Chapter 1063, Blackbeard attacked Law and pushed him into a corner, forcing him to fight. How will this fight unfold?

For narrative reasons, we think Blackbeard is going to win or at least end in some sort of tie as we wouldn’t see Law beat Luffy’s polar opposite. I think what can save Law is Bepo in Sulong. But it’s the middle of the day and as far as we know there is no full moon, so how can Bepo transform?

Well ! We believed that Law found a way around the problem. There is always a way around these kinds of powers that have conditions. Law is a surgeon, he has a perfect understanding of how the human body works and it is likely that this also applies to Minks.

The Heart Pirates

In Wano’s first act, Bepo was sick from the water he drank and Law used his power to scan him and saw what was causing him pain. In theory, if Law used his powers to scan Bepo during a full moon and was able to see exactly what is going on inside a mink’s body during a full moon that makes him Sulong?

If Law is able to isolate the gene in his body that does this, then in theory Law could trigger that gene with his chamber powers. This will force Bepo to transform into Sulong without the moon.

Now there’s probably a risk because doing this could mean there’s a timer for it or Bepo just won’t be able to go back because the way a Sulong turns into a Mink is just d stop looking at the moon. So Bepo would have no way to backtrack unless Law reverses it and does it himself, which might be easier said than done.