Hunter x Hunter is going to release a new live-action in 2023, and I’m sorry but it looks incredibly terrible

I don’t get along well with live-action. I think that happens to many of us, and with good reason. My last big headache was “Cowboy Bebop”If you have no idea about the franchise, it’s not that bad, but if you’ve enjoyed the anime, all you want is for them to drop the name and make their own story. We know that in the future they will be released live-action of “One Piece” and “Yu Yu Hakusho”among others, and that ‘others’ can now be added a theatrical live-action from Japan about “Hunter x Hunter.

Hunter x Hunter goes to the live-action scene with a play in Japan

Indeed, the Japanese have scheduled A new play one of those that they like so much to adapt “Hunter x Hunter” like this, and then I leave you with what is the first teaser trailer of the project (via ShonenLeaks):

And now, well, I’m going to leave you with a few details and to comment on four little things of the project:

  • This live-action of Hunter x Hunter is about a play that will begin to be performed in Japan from May 2023. Obviously there are no plans to bring this to the international scene since it only interests the Japanese, honestly. ❗
  • As for the representation of the characters in Hunter x Hunter, and without wanting to detract from some actors who I’m sure will give their all, I’m sorry but it’s just…
    • Killua, for some reason, doesn’t look like a teenager.. He is a small man. And no. ❌
    • A hisōka everyone sees him as a sexy and sick character, and here he looks like an older gentleman. ❌
    • Personally, If I have to stay with someone, I think I’ll only do it with Leorio and Killua’s brother.. The rest of the interpretations of the characters convince me between nothing and less. ❓

You are not seeing it, but at the time of writing this article I have the thumbnail of the video that I have inserted with the first seconds of playback, and Gon’s face is going to give me nightmares at this point. In any case, it may surprise some that Japan promotes this type of adaptation, but it is They have been happening for years with all kinds of great anime. Yes, the big flops of live-action come 99% of the time from the West, but even with that shadow in Japan they have love for their own version of it all.

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