“If it ever goes wrong, I’m the one who has to try”: Live Action One Piece series on Netflix in good hands?

news culture “If it ever goes wrong, I’m the one who has to try”: Live Action One Piece series on Netflix in good hands?

Yesterday, showrunner Matt Owens, who takes care of Netflix’s Live Action One Piece series, returned to many points concerning the project during an exchange with Youtuber Nux Taku. The creator of the show had the opportunity to share all the love he had for the work of the mangaka Eiichiro Oda and for the crew of the straw hat.

One Piece Netflix: we know more

The Live Action One Piece series has been devilishly discreet since its announcement in 2020. Very little information reaches the public while Netflix carefully guards all the secrets of the production. If we already know some details, like the castfor the moment, no release date is looming on the horizon, nor the first images which have not yet been unveiled.

So inevitably, when the showrunner who oversees the project comes back to it, a ton of new information reaches us. Matt Owens answered a slew of questions posed by Youtuber Nux Taku in a shared chat on his channel.

Among other things, the showrunner revealed several details on the story, the question of adaptation and the universe of One Piece.
If Matt Owens admits that liberties were taken with the initial materialthe creator of the program still wanted to reassure the fans by sharing his point of view on the manga and its characters.

The Live Action adaptation of One Piece blows hot and cold in many ways. However, one thing is certain: Matt Owens is a true lover of the original work and will do his best to deliver a program that reflects that affection.

The man for the job ?

When you tackle a project of such magnitude as the adaptation of a behemoth that has millions of fans, it is better to have fairly broad shoulders. For Matt Owens, there was no possible debate: he had to take care of One Piece. The showrunner is crazy about One Piece, a decisive element when he was hired, as he explained to Nux Taku.

My love for One Piece is what got me this job. When I first met Tomorrow Studios, when they got the rights, I said “I don’t know if your project can stand up, but I know that if it ever goes wrong, I have to be the one to try to do it and whoever has to miss, because no one in the TV and movie industry loves One Piece more than me.” This is the pitch that got me this job. But at the time of signing, I had no fucking idea how to make it work. But it was impossible for me to just sit and watch someone else do it. I have an unconditional love for One Piece and I think we did something good. – Matt Owens

So far, Tomorrow Studios has not necessarily convinced with its productions. The studio specializes in adaptations and had already offered a series on Netflix based on a monument of Japanese culture, Cowboy Bebop. We obviously hope that the Live Action One Piece series will be able to honor the work of Eiichiro Oda and will experience a more favorable fate than its predecessor. Nevertheless, the presence of Matt Owens in the credits has something to give hope to fans.

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