If you are a fan of One Piece, you will love this Chopper amigurumi

One Piece It has become one of the franchises most loved by the public and recognized worldwide both by critics and otakus. Over more than a thousand episodes, its anime adaptation adapts the story of the young Monkey D. Luffy, who heard the story of Gol D. Roger and aspires to become a pirate king. One of his companions on his adventure is the memorable Chopper, a little Canadian.

For this, it’s no surprise there are One Piece fans paying tributes to him, whether in fan arts, t-shirts, designs, statues, etc. This little Canadian has made a place for himself in the hearts of his fans and it shows.

Moomoo-kow published in Reddit, a unique Chopper amigurumi that will fascinate youThis time it is not an illustration or a tattoo or something similar, but something much better. This person combined his passion for One Piece with his love for weaving to create this incredible cloth figure of our beloved pirate., a crew member of the Straw Hats, the union of pirates led by Monkey D. Luffy.

If you are interested in following closely the story Monkey D. Luffy and company. We tell you that in Spain, The One Piece manga is distributed by Planeta de Agostini; in Latin America by the Panini publishing house, and in Argentina by the Ivrea publishing house. In addition, its anime version is available at Crunchyroll exclusively.

Who is Chopper from One Piece?

Tony Tony Chopper (ト ニ ー ト ニ ー ・ チ ョ ッ パ ー) is the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece.. It is a Canadian reindeer that ate the Hito Hito fruit from Drum Island, which is why it gained the ability to move and speak like a human person. He is the sixth member of the crew and the fifth to join it.

During his appearance in One Piece, Chopper keeps a small size most of the time and hides his great hidden power. The abilities of his devil fruit allow him to change appearance depending on the situation. Chopper’s left horn has a metal plate around it because he broke it in a fight when he was younger, and Hiriluk treated it. Chopper has a remarkable trait that no other reindeer has: his blue nose.

After the timeskip in One Piece, Chopper wears a cap again, roughly the same size as his old pink hat. Its animal form has grown considerably, with a size (at the withers) that almost reaches the height of Usopp. His human form is now more muscular, strong, monstrous, big and hairy.

Who are the Straw Hat Pirates?

On the manga From One Piece, this is the crew that has become one of the emblems of the franchise (Including Nami among its triuplants, who is even a symbol of the power of women in the anime. So, if you did not know the history of these pirates, here we will tell you about it.

Los Piratas de Sombrero de Paja It is a gang of pirates originally from East Blue that has crew in different parts of the world. Its captain is Monkey D. Luffy, the main pirate and protagonist of One Piece.

They are known as the Straw Hat Pirates, for the iconic hat Monkey D. Luffy wears, this was a gift from Shanks, his adoptive older brother. During much of their adventure in One Piece, they crossed the sea aboard the Going Merry to the Water 7 arc. After the tragic events, Franky and Iceburg built them a new ship called the Thousand Sunny.

Despite the fact that its members may be separated for years, they know that they are like a family that does not need to be next to each other. Currently, the Straw Hat Pirates are made up of ten members whose rewards totaling a total of $ 3,161,000,100 bellys. They are one of the most wanted pirates by the naval army in all One Piece and in the current arc, we will see them fight against Kaido and his army.