If you go to see One Piece Film Red at the cinema, you may end up taking this great gift

One Piece Film Red” opens next week in theaters throughout Spain, specifically from November 3, 2022. Also, from Select Vision They already confirmed that there would be special premieres for both Madrid and Barcelona, ​​but what they had kept to themselves until now was that they were also preparing a most special gift for those who attended the cinema. Yes, today they have said what will be the surprise that the first spectators will receive, especially.

Going among the first to see One Piece Film Red will have its reward

As a picture is worth a thousand words, I leave you below the tweet in which they reveal what kind of surprise/gift they have prepared for viewers of “One Piece Film Red”:

And in case there are doubts with the announcement (which I assume there are not), write down the following:

  • Indeed, the gift for going to see One Piece Film Red will be the film’s promotional manga, edited in Spain by Planeta Comic. ❗
  • As always, they clarify that the gift in question will only be available while supplies last, which means that only the first to go to the rooms will be able to opt for it. ❗
  • Also, it seems to me It is important to note that they talk about the ‘chains’ that have copies of the manga to give away. That is to say, it is possible that in one Yelmo cinema there are more than in another, or that someone directly does not receive the manga. I say to contemplate this because it already happened to me with Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (in this case coordinated by Crunchyroll) and you have a silly face that doesn’t matter, especially when you’ve been telling your friends for days that they give away little things. ❓

Come on, in case you weren’t already convinced by a movie in which you can finally see Shanks, maybe this little gift from the manga has just given you the necessary push to go see “One Piece Film Red” at the cinema on November 3. And if not, surely Selecta Vision ends up giving other ways to enjoy the film eventually, but I think it’s an experience worth seeing on the big screen.

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