Images of One Piece 1051 suggest the arrival of a new nakama to the crew

It is still too early to see the first images of chapter 1051 of the sleeve of one piecebut from the information that is circulating on social networks it seems that the numbers of Luffy’s Straw Hat crew will increase their numbers again.

It seems that the Wano arc will bring two new members to the crew: the first of them was “The Knight of the Sea” Jimbe, who we confirmed his entry into the gang shortly before the final battle in Onigashima when he appeared before hundreds of people as the newest member among the luffy pirates.

But this is not the only character who has expressed his desire to board the Straw Hats’ ship, as there is another who even declared his intentions when he began to fight “1 on 1” against Kaido. Now, with the battle against the sea emperor coming to an end (chapter 1050 of one piece) seems that said character will be able to fulfill his desire to travel to the sea with Luffy and the rest of the crew.

It’s no surprise that Luffy always wanted to gather 10 people into his crew, and with Yamato offering himself as the next member, the Straw Hat gang would be complete for the first time in the series’ history. Now it only remains to be seen what Luffy’s response is to Yamato’s desire to join his crew.

What do you think of the first images of chapter 1051 of one piece? Remember that currently you can find it through several official platforms to read sleeve. According to Manga Plus, chapter 1,049 will be published on June 5 at 10:00 a.m. in your app.


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