Images of One Piece 1054: reveal great changes in the world

After a month of absence, the manga of one piece is about to return and will do so in a big way since the first leaked images of chapter 1054 are showing the consequences around the world while our Straw Hat protagonists were isolated on Wano Island.

On the one hand, our Straw Hat captain has officially entered the group of pirates known as “emperors of the sea, for the outcome within the world meeting of the kings of the world (known as Lev Ely, before review) has ended in a dramatic way with a death and the victory of the officers of the Revolutionary Army.

This event that occurred within the holy land Mary Geoise motivated the inhabitants of other nations to begin to reveal themselves to their kingdoms and is what has caused the imbalance of the world, especially now that the forces of the Navy and the World Government do not realize supply to what happens and among all the rebellion now a figure has emerged whom they call as “Entei” (Aka “emperor of the flames”)

On the other hand, several pirates in the world have finally started to make their way towards the search for the one piece, including that red-haired pirate who is also very close to Wano. A scenario that brings us closer to denouement of one piece.

What did you think of the first images of chapter 1054 of one piece? Remember that currently you can find it through several official platforms to read sleeve. According to Manga Plus, chapter 1,054 will be officially published on July 24 at 10:00 a.m. in your app.


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