Imagine what One Piece would be like as a pixel art video game and you’re going to want to play it

There are One Piece fans who know how to take their passion a little further with their art, be it creating fan-games, illustrations, cosplays or even perfect sneakers. However, there are exceptional cases like SoulkingPixels that make a whole series of unique fan-arts that recreate some of the mythical scenes of this anime. But, he did not stop only with this and added a special touch, as if it were a classic RPG like the first Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, he drew our protagonists in a pixel art style that will make you want to buy a SNES.

The first of the first illustrations he shared on the Reddit from One Piece, it shows us a home page to select our character. As if we were to begin our adventure as part of the crew of The Straw Hat Pirates. In this video game, we can choose any of The Straw Hat Pirates, from Monkey D. Luffy, Sanji, Zoro or Nami to Jinbe, its most recent member.

Probably, this One Piece game would allow us to explore the different paths that each mugiwara has had, from Roronoa Zoro who met Luffy on the day of his execution at the hands of the Navy or Usopp, a pirate who has had to survive some of the bloodiest fights and trials to get ahead.

Fortunately, this is only the beginning of our adventure and thanks to SoulkingPixels, it will be one of the best we can experience.

One Piece as a classic RPG like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest

If we chose the path of Monkey D. Luffy, we would surely see this image that he posted on Reddit. This is the first time that our beloved protagonist yells at the top of his lungs: “I will be the king of pirates!” This scene is one of the most memorable in the franchise and SoulkingPixels manages to perfectly portray this epic moment for the One Piece fandom..

In addition, it is undeniable the quality of detail that this artist achieves to recreate the color palette of the Game Boy Color is admirable:

one piece fan art pixel dragon quest

The next scene continues with the adventures of this pirate and the beginning of the crew of The Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece. This moment is the first interaction that Roronoa Zoro and Monkey D. Luffy have during their execution at the hands of the Navy. This is so memorable for the way this swordsman agrees to follow our beloved protagonist, only if it helps him become the strongest swordsman in the world. In the end, and with a little help, he agrees to join their fledgling crew..

Perhaps, if we chose the path of Roronoa Zoro in this classic One Piece rpg, we could experience the tough fight this swordsman had before being captured.. Certainly, it would be interesting to find out more about its history in this way:

one piece pixel art fan dragon quest final fantasy

Finally, we could not miss the typical battle of a classic rpg in which we have to lose in order to advance in the story, from Final Fantasy to Dragon Quest, this can be both an engaging and frustrating mechanic. On this occasion, SoulkingPixels decides to give us control of Brook, the musician from The Straw Hat Pirates of One Piece.

In this confrontation portrayed by this artist in Reddit, we see how our beloved violinist has to face one of the most fearsome villains he has known so far. Perhaps, with a bit of luck (and about 10 hours of previous fights), we can defeat this great antagonist with the only turn that this possible video game gives us.

one piece piel art fan dragon quest rpg

Despite the fact that this series of pixel art-type illustrations are only a possibility of a classic One Piece rpg game with mechanics similar to those of Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy, it is undeniable that it would be incredible to be able to experience such a title. This little project by SoulkingPixels has excited the fandom of this incredible franchise and maybe if we cross our fingers, Square Enix has enough time, we can enjoy a video game like this, with everything and fights that we cannot win (although, Brook would prefer have a chance of winning).