Immersive experiences on billboards, they tell us from Times Square

From the world’s busiest shopping intersection, we can see how brands have rushed to become 3D anamorphic pioneers. That includes Samsung’s hyper-real tiger in Times Square, ASUS’s giant hand of unreal space magic, Dior’s luxurious floating perfume, and endless rolling rings and Bulgari jewels.

After months of intense promotion by companies from various sectors, the public has developed a taste for visual surprises that go beyond physical reality.

The agency tells us tiger party, located in Times Square, the world’s leading hub for creative campaigns and immersive DOOH technologies. Since 2010, the consultancy has been responsible for interactive DOOH campaigns with the biggest audience of the year, timing the countdown to Times Square’s New Year’s Eve celebration.

Tiger Party CEO Rafale Chang shared his thoughts for 2023:

The year-end conversation is about how global brands can leverage different digital channels and create brand impressions.

3D DOOH art is the new black in digital outdoor advertising (DOOH). Moments like the iconic Tokyo Cat have pushed the boundaries between art and advertising. And beyond the viral fame, they are becoming attractive in themselves.

3D ads are set to become the new frontier in audience engagement. A Forbes study found that 3D advertising increased conversion rates by 40% compared to traditional advertising. It benefits not only brands by attracting the attention of the audience, but also billboard owners by making their media asset (the placement) more iconic, thus taking the sales potential to the next level.

Advertisers have the opportunity to create immersive brand experiences such as feature overlays, live camera feeds, and other AR features. That real-time engagement and audience reaction are turning into big social media moments and win-win for advertisers as PR material.

How to enable next-gen DOOH experiences

There are two approaches to securing site attention, social moments, and media coverage for a campaign: make it relevant to your audience, or even engage with it.

In 2022, we have seen many brands use this formula and implement “acquisitions” on all billboards in Times Square where international travelers (the audience) allow to experience 100% unique experience with all billboards in sync. On average, Times Square’s takeover drive is five times larger than it was before the pandemic. Every month, there are 1-2 giant acquisitions in 2022. (Start with Kia, Tiffany, Fendi, One Piece Film Red, Visit Portugal, Met Opera, Turing Red, ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold, Samsung Tiger in the City, Samsung with BTS, Cristiano Ronaldo and Madame Tussauds wax figure, midnight moment, etc.)

As a comprehensive LED consultant and creative expert in digital signage, Tiger Party draws on years of experience to turn regular digital displays into a visionary canvas that delivers not only what audiences (potential customers) expect, but also experiences they never could. have imagined. .

With GOTIGER PRO, Tiger Party’s patented signage system, billboard owners have a turnkey DOOH solution for creative content playback and ad sales. This signage engine supports precision down to 1/60th of a second for live content synchronization, 8K data transaction, and new technologies that display multiple layers of visual creativity on supported LEDs. It’s a good start to successfully linking brand messaging and audience engagement.

And once again he emphasizes the main point of the announcements: attract audience attention. Can’t wait to see how DOOH technologies turn out in 2023? Stay tuned for a behind-the-scenes look at the NYE 2023 celebrations in Times Square.