In One Piece, There’s A Big Inconsistency About Shanks That You Never Noticed

Even in a work as fantastic as One Piece has some inconsistencies in its narrative. The one involving Shanks may have escaped your notice.

One Piece, the home straight

When will it stop One Piece ? Fans of Eiichirō Oda’s manga obviously hope that the conclusion of Luffy’s story will come as late as possible. Unfortunately, as the mangaka explained a few weeks ago, we are engaged in the last straight line of the manga. We can say that at this moment, the work does not lack epic passages.

The beginnings of One Piece seem like an eternity. At the time, we already knew that One Piece would be one of the greats. And this, despite some inconsistencies in the story, including one that concerns an iconic character and adored by the community: Shanks.

Shanks, an arm strangely found in One Piece

As you know if you follow One Piece forever, Shanks lost an arm protecting Luffy. You certainly also know that an arm does not grow back. We can therefore find it particularly surprising to see that, in a flashback of Ace during the Marine Ford arc, we see Shanks with both his arms in perfect condition. A beautiful error visible only in the anime adaptation of One Piece made by Toei Animation studio.

An inconsistency as amazing as the one that makes Zoro appear in two places of the same scene, still in the anime. After more than 1000 episodes, we can forgive Toei Animation these few inconsistencies without major consequences on the understanding of the story. Even Eiichirō Oda, creator of One Piececan commit some errors in the manga.

How the heck does shanks got two arm in this pic??? This is way after he lost his arm… this is when ace came to meet shanks and thank him to save his brother’s life! from OnePiece