Inoxtag: his imitation of Luffy makes the buzz in Japan and the United States

A few days after the Eleven All Stars, Inoxtag’s imitation of Luffy’s Gear 2 in One Piece is causing a stir in Japan and the United States.

The reference didn’t escape One Piece fans among the viewers. Before entering the field of Eleven All Stars, the France-Spain match organized by Amine, Inoxtag made a little nod to the anime by imitating the Gear 2 of Luffy, its main protagonist. In Japan and the United States, the sequence was taken up and praised on TikTok, and everyone has their own little commentary.

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Inoxtag: “My only action of the match”

With his right fist on the ground and the other hand on his thigh, the Gear 2 technique, introduced during the Enies Lobby arc, involves raising his blood pressure to speed up the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to his muscles. The result: power and speed are increased tenfold. Regarding Inoxtag, the Gear 2 was not that effective. Because as he himself says:My only action of the match is to have zouké on the lawn“.

If we are far from the level of Most Valuable Player Yannou who, after an XXL performance in defense, went so far as to receive death threats from the losing team, on the American continent, some Internet users have nevertheless managed to assimilate Inoxtag to a professional player. “Luffy is so iconic that pro footballers are copying his moveswrites a TikTok user on the video. It just helps to show how many athletes watch anime“. “I still have more trophies than Payet“, reacted Inoxtag with humor.

In Japan, a tweet counting nearly 50,000 interactions welcomed the videographer’s reference to One Piece. “I’m glad they pose at sporting events even across the sea“.

In the rest of the news, Squeezie will make its debut at the Grévin museum.