Is Blackbeard the next One Piece enemy after Kaido?


His arrival may indicate that the end of the saga is near.

Wano’s long arc in One Piece is finally about to come to an end with Kaido’s possible defeat. Both he and Monkey D. Luffy have entered the final stage of their battle and once it’s over, the people of Wano will be free (or lose hope along the way). The Straw Hats are likely to have their big end-of-arc party that Luffy has been waiting for since before the raid, but?where will they go next?

Ever since they allied themselves with Trafalgar Law at Punk Hazard, the Straw Hats have had a clear path ahead. They wanted to finish off Kaido, so they had a long way to go. This story arc has been similar to Alabasta, where the Straw Hats stopped at various islands on their way to help Vivi save her home. When Alabasta ended, they had no idea what their next adventure would be until the ship fell from the sky and the “Sky Island” saga began. Since then, have focused more on the outside world of One Pieceand massive events have occurred that could attract the Straw Hats.

The first is the consequences of the Reverie. The leaders of the nations affiliated with the World Government met and decided to disband the Shichibukai, so the now former warlords are being persecuted. While in session, Sabo and some of the other Revolutionary Army leaders got into a fight with the two admirals who were at Marijoa.

In addition to all of this, the Big New Morgans announced that there was a death in Reverie, which could be Sabo, Vivi, or her father Cobra. Although it is unlikely that Vivi or Sabo will die, especially off-screen, there is a possibility that one or both have been captured. Sabo is a wanted criminal and Vivi’s image was held by the mysterious Imu, the leader of the Five Elders, so they are both targets the World Government would want to execute like they did Ace.

Luffy didn’t go to save Ace when he first saw his vivre card fading, and that probably still haunts him to this day. However, since Wano is isolated, it would be difficult to verify any of this information, but there is a small fleet of Navy warships sitting just outside the nation that could shed some light on this issue. The crew could question them or steal a newspaper on their way out.

One Piece’s future enemy could be Blackbeard

Another option for your next island is Elbaf. If the Straw Hats don’t get the news from the outside world and are left alone, they might head towards the land of the giants. Just like Wano, Elbaf was mentioned early on in One Piece., from Little Garden, and Usopp has made it his personal goal to visit this island. It could be a short arc like Zou, after the mega arc that is “Wano”, it would be nice to kick back with a little relaxing story before heading to the end of the game.

one piece blackbeard new villain

There is also a possibility that Blackbeard wants Kaidō’s Devil Fruit for himself after his defeat. It is still unclear how or why he can take multiple devil fruits., or even transfer powers to others, but it seems only natural that he would want to add the latest Zoan Devil Fruit to his collection. If he obtains this fruit, he will have the strongest Devil Fruits of the three types under his control; Zoan (fish-fish fruit, blue dragon model), Paramecia (earthquake-earthquake fruit), and Logia (dark-dark fruit).

**Road Poneglyphs are another potential prize for Blackbeard. If one can gather all four Road Poneglyphs and decipher their combined message, they can find their way to Laugh Tale and the One Piece that Gold Roger left there. As it is, three of the four scripts are about to be in Wano at the same time; Kaidō has one hidden somewhere in Onigashima; the Straw Hats have rubbings of Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph; Zunesha, and thus Zou’s Road Poneglyph, is currently on its way to Wano. Kaidō himself even says that whoever wins at Onigashima will be that much closer to acquiring One Piece. If Blackbeard were to attack, he wouldn’t have a much better opportunity to collect these ancient writings than right after the raid on Onigashima.

one piece blackbeard new villain

Also, if Kaidō and Big Mom fall on Onigashima, which one of them has already fallen, then it would be important for the remaining Emperor to eliminate the young upstarts responsible for this. If the Worst Generation pirates are really after the Four Emperors, then they will probably challenge him or Red-Haired Shanks next. It would be best for Blackbeard to nip this problem in the bud..

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