Is Crocodile really Whitebeard’s son?

  • At Impel Down, Crocodile says there were an endless number of pirates who lost to Whitebeard and could never become number one, so they hate Whitebeard.
  • In the cover stories, Crocodile has a chance to escape from prison but decides against it. But he wants to escape when Whitebeard is about to fight the World Government.
  • As soon as Crocodile sees Whitebeard in Marineford, he tries to attack him.
  • When Whitebeard is betrayed and stabbed, Crocodile yells at Whitebeard and says he can’t believe someone he lost for is so weak.
dead crocodile white beard manga
  • During the rest of the war, Crocodile helps the Whitebeard Pirates.
  • Reading the diary, Crocodile asks what Luffy is doing (compared to 3D2Y), to which Daz replies that Luffy has a heavy scar and such scars don’t heal quickly. Crocodile asks if he is trying to insinuate something.
  • Whitebeard comes from Sphinx in the New World. Crocodile says it’s time to go back to the “good old New World”, so he might be from the New World himself.

All of this makes us wonder.

Whitebeard’s son?

We couldn’t help but notice some similarities between him and the old man.

Similarity number one, being the eyes. If you see Crocodile’s eyes and Whitebeard’s eyes. Whitebeard’s eyes turn from yellow to white. When Whitebeard’s eyes are white, he and Crocodile are extremely similar. Sure, a lot of the characters have white eyes, but seriously, take Crocodile’s hair off and put a big white mustache on him, you’ll see. Also, a few scenes show them sharing a bit of the same facial structure. Big jaws.

Another reason why we think this might be possible, Crocodile has a genuine hatred for Whitebeard, but we don’t know why. Maybe Crocodile hates that Whitebeard was never there, maybe he just wanted to kill the old man to demonstrate his power. Prove he’s strong because he’s strong, not because he might be Whitebeard’s son.

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Crocodile wanted to make a name for himself, not live off his father’s reputation. And that’s also what we think Ivankov knew. Ivankov worked for Monkey D. Dragon, and maybe the Revolutionaries had information that even the World Government didn’t know about (they didn’t even know about Weevil). Whitebeard did indeed have a child, and his name was Crocodile. Besides, weren’t the Revolutionaries in Alabasta?