Is it going to be Dragon Ball in CGI from now on? The statements that have confused many fans of the franchise

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” It was the first film in the entire history of “dragonball“entirely produced in CGI, and even if we had already seen traces of this in what was a movie in capital letters like “Dragon Ball Super: Broly“, obviously the ambition and direction of the project were completely different. Therefore, that there is the slightest indication that the franchise could be maintained in said visual reference in the long term has caused more than one raised eyebrow this weekend.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was, in the end, a necessary production for the future of the franchise

But, What has happened to make more than one “Dragon Ball” fan think that CGI will dominate the future of the franchise? Well, the following, neither more nor less:

  • Basically, a few days ago (they were having Christmas congratulations, sorry for the delay) came up some official statements by Norihiro Hayashidaproducer of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, in which he spoke of multiple aspects of the film in question (via DBSChronicles). 🤙
  • One of the most “disturbing” aspects was in which he mentioned that they were happy to have invested the resources that they have invested in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero because, now, they can reduce the costs of producing movies or weekly anime in the future if they reuse them. 🤔
  • Does this mean that in the future all Dragon Ball anime will be produced in CGI and also reusing resources that have been developed for Super Hero? Well no, but more than one has thought so. 😐
  • The only thing that this really implies is that, Unlike 2D, CGI allows you to reuse certain models in the future of characters, environments and so on (and in any case it is not a complete reuse, but certain certain parts). However, in no case does it mean that Dragon Ball will become fully 3DOnly if they support the use of said technology again in one way or another, now they already have some backups that will make many things easier for them at the production level. 👍

I have to remember that although “brolly“lives in everyone’s mind because of how absolutely amazing his 2D animation was, even that movie contained moments in CGI, and some CGI that wasn’t up to par with what was seen in “Super Hero”. For what it’s worth, what I understand from Hayashida-san’s statements is that if at some point there is a combination of 3D and 2D resources, as the aforementioned ‘Broly’ was, now they have gained a lot of ground in 3D .

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