Is Luffy About To Become Gear Five? – Tech Tribune France

A play races towards the finish line these days as the manga wraps up the Wano Country arc. The series has been busy defeating enemies left and right, but Luffy is far from over. In fact, the hero is still battling Kaido these days, but a recent manga update has fans keeping a close eye on his Gear Four form.

After all, the hero has gotten stronger since the form started, and Luffy will only go further from here. This means Gear Four will peak at some point, and fans are curious to know that Luffy is on the cusp of Gear Five now.

The whole theory was revealed when One Piece released its final chapter. This is where Luffy ended the update by releasing a new Gear Four technique, and he had the following to say to Kaido:

“This is my last Gear Four. I won’t stop until I completely exhaust my strength!”

As you can see, the jury is out on exactly what Luffy meant right now. Fans are torn between two popular ideas, one suggesting that the hacker is going all out with Gear Four. This “final” outing referees this particular fight, meaning Luffy uses his last Gear Four power against Kaido until he can recover.

As for the others, well, they think Luffy’s statement means something else. They are convinced that Luffy’s “final” Gear Four refers to the form itself. This new technique could be the limit of the form, meaning Luffy will need to unlock Gear Five if he wants to push his limits even further. If so, it won’t be long before One Piece pits Luffy against an enemy that causes him to debut the new form. But for now, fans will have to wait and see how this comment pans out in the future.

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