Is One Piece Film Red worth it? Review of a concert you don’t want to miss

I finally had the chance to seeOne Piece Film Red“, and what an experience it has been. Obviously I have to thank Select Vision that they have extended an invitation to us for what is about the Toei Animation’s biggest premiere so far this yearcertainly wiping out “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero“. I am not going to go into spoilers of any kind, and what I am going to say first is that if you have read somewhere that “One Piece Film Red” has ‘too many songs‘, the truth is that I have to contradict him.

One Piece Film Red, a pirate party at the height of Luffy and company

So that this does not become dense for anyone, I am going to do a series of points with what seems to me most important to take into account for the film:

  • One Piece Film Red is essentially a huge concert. Yes, there are quite a few musical moments, and at first they can shock one… but it’s just that they work like a charm. In fact, I’ll just say that I’m at home writing this article with themes from the movie in the background, mainly because the main one will be stuck to your body by the time you finish watching One Piece Film Red. ❗
  • I must also say that in my case I have seen the Catalan versionand very honestly @miree_music embroiders it It seems strange to me at this point to see One Piece in Catalan, with so many years watching it in Japanese, but if they have managed to have a good time despite it with translated songs and everything, I can’t think of anything else to say that they have done a great job adapting everything. ✔️
  • As for the visual, One Piece Film Red is at times a spectacular feast. The film combines all kinds of 2D with CGI, with effects, with a gazillion colors and lights, and many characters known all over the world; It’s a non-stop, it’s what it is literally turning scenes from One Piece into a music video, but inserting it into the narrative of the film not only so that it does not clash but also so that it is CRUCIAL in the staging. ✔️
The true protagonist of the show that is One Piece Film Red
  • On the other hand, personally seeing Shanks in action has been an incredible delight. This is a character that we all want to see more of in anime and One Piece Film Red certainly makes you keep your eyes glued to everything he does. ❤️
  • Are almost 2 hours too long? Honestly, I’d say no.. Yes, there are some more downturn moments, but again the musical moments carry a lot of rhythm, and also when they slow down a bit it’s only because the action itself already guides the scenes. In general it is very bearable. ✔️
  • The story itself is not overly complex; it is rather an excuse to be able to work around the figure of Shanks and Uta, who is really the protagonist of the story. Still, to One Piece Film Red even gives you time to do a little twist that looks pretty good. ❓

As for the ‘spoiler’ that is in “One Piece Film Red”, because there is one of Wano, I have to say that if one has no sovereign idea of ​​where the manga is going, the truth should go completely unnoticed, or at most leave an important question in the face. In any case, I already say that the scene in question does not ruin anything for anyone, nor does it take away the prominence of Uta, Luffy himself or Shanks; this concert is quite a festival for “One Piece” fans.

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