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If a few days ago we shared a message from Oda before the end of One Piece in which he asked us to fasten our seat belts and made our hair stand on end by promising the best home stretch of any mangaBe careful because we have a new letter from the author in hand. The mangaka has now taken to talking about Shanks and has triggered all kinds of rumors about the redhead. is it perhaps paved the way to make him the ultimate villain?

“In the next few days, before One Piece RED premieres in August, we will release several vlogs of its protagonist, Uta-Chan,” Oda begins. “They will last 4 or 5 minutes and his words may hide several clues. Because… what kind of life has Utah had? If she’s Shanks’s daughter, why couldn’t she be with him anymore? In the film maybe you will discover some true ones about the so-called “””Great Pirate Shanks”””…. Please give this film a chance when it hits theaters.”

Is Shanks bad in One Piece?

We still have a few tears when we remember the dawn of One Piece and the moment when Shanks gave his straw hat to Luffy. EITHER when he showed up at marineford and released a speech about loss, pirate life and the importance of mourning fallen friends. Not to mention our smile when we saw him toasting with ace or asking Mihawk for information about how he was the future King of the Pirates. And what about his proud face when he saw Luffy’s poster go up as a reward and read in the news that it was the fifth emperorr?

However, things as they are. From the time skip, the redhead has appeared rather little and with noticeably more serious and dark panels. And worst of all, Shanks has met with the World Government to give them information about Luffy.. Is he a traitor? Could the rumors that brand him as tenryuubito? It’s the last we heard of him.

It’s hard to believe that he could be the bad guy, but by putting between quotes the name of “great pirate” and promising to discover “some truths about him” soon, Oda has done nothing but give wings to those who speculate on Shanks as the final villain of One Piece

One Piece Shanks World Government

When is One Piece RED released in theaters?

One Piece RED will premiere in Japan and France next August 6, 2022. It will arrive gradually to the rest of the world, although in Spain we still do not have an official date. The synopsis of the film reads thus:

“The Straw Hats, the Navy and millions of music lovers from all over the world gather to enjoy the voice of Uta, the star of the Elegy Island Music Festival. But what was going to be a normal concert will be transformed into something completely different when Luffy appears on the scene and it is discovered that Uta is actually the daughter of Shanks “.

Will Oda be able to having saved the reunion with Shanks to show it on the big screen? Will the film raise blisters by being canon and essential to the story? Are we facing a new Naruto and Hinata moment in the manga’s history?

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