Is the One Piece Odyssey story canon? That depends on each player

Within an exact month it will go on sale worldwide One Piece Odyssey. This ambitious RPG developed by ILCA (Pokémon Brilliant Diamond | Shimmering Pearl) will be an RPG that will seek to become the best video game ever created on Eiichiro Oda’s manganime. Fans of the play have never received a title that lived up to the story of Luffy and companyWill this be the final one?

We will have to wait a few weeks to find out, but in the meantime the producer of One Piece Odyssey has been in charge of clearing up one of the biggest doubts that revolved around the title. Will the story of this game be canon? The answer may surprise you.

You decide if it’s canon or not

  • the companions of vandal had the opportunity to chat with Katsuaki Tsuzuki about some aspects of One Piece Odyssey, including its plot✅
  • When asked if the events of the Bandai Namco video game will be canon or not with respect to the story of Eiichiro Oda (author of One Piece), the producer responded as follows: “We want to be open with our players and let them decide if the story is canon or not.“⭐
  • Apparently those responsible for the project wanted to give a similar approach to the last films in the series (Stampede or Film: RED)ie, offer an original story that could fit within OP’s official canon; the final decision will be up to the player❗
  • In another interesting statement, Tsuzuki pointed out that for them One Piece Odyssey is like watching a One Piece movie in video game format using the systems of an RPG, and they believe that this format is the closest thing to his definition of “adventure”
The plot of One Piece Odyssey will be original, but with many reminiscences of anime arcs

One Piece Odyssey it will go on sale next day January 13th for PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X|Sand shortly befores a free demo will be released so everyone can test their RPG systems. I have already been able to try the game for a few hours, and if you want to know what I thought I invite you to read the following Article.