Is Uta a canon character in One Piece?

uta is the great surprise that one can find in “One Piece Film Red“, a film that revolves precisely around that character and his past with Shanks and Luffy. I’ve already said it several times, but I quite enjoyed the movie, and on top of that, for going to the cinema early, they gave you a really cool volume (unless the cinema you went to decided to keep it, of course). Now, it’s been the turn of Eiichiro Oda, author of the own “one piece“, to talk about the character in question.

Uta, from One Piece Film Red, IS a character that exists in the canon of the franchise

At the time it was said that, as always, the events of “One Piece Film Red” were not going to be canon according to what a franchise film is. Nevertheless, that did not mean that everything that was shown was not going to be canon. Then I leave you with what its author explains (via newworldartur):

  • Basically, the most important thing the author has said is that both the existence and the past of Uta YES ARE CANON regarding the One Piece manga universe. ❗
  • Not only that, Oda-sensei also explains that if Luffy has been seen singing on more than one occasionand that also gave so much relevance to get a musician for your crewit is precisely because Uta’s impact on his life. ❤️
  • Again through NewWorldArtur, this scene of Luffy talking to Brook as soon as he met him about the music that played in the shanks crew, it becomes that much more special knowing that the relationship he had with Uta was totally real. ❤️

The truth, watching “One Piece Film Red” and listening to Eiichiro Oda’s comments towards Uta’s character, it’s easy to put his impact on Luffy to a level close to that of Ace and Sabo. It may not be an exactly the same relationship since together with these last two he lived many other experiences and they have been ‘recurring’ in the “One Piece” canon, but what is clear is that Shanks’s daughter is not only REAL, but she is also one of the most important characters to understand Luffy and his desire for ‘A New Era’ as the King of Pirates.

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