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This page contains One Piece spoilers.

There has never been so much hype surrounding One Piece as there is right now!

From Luffy’s insane god mode, Gear 5, potentially zapping his life to Onigashima on the brink of disaster, the stakes are high, as everyone’s life hangs in the balance. – especially our master swordsman, Zoro.

No one’s predicament comes close to our beloved foam man, as the unfortunate turn of events following his hard-earned victory over King has us fearing he’s only lost his sense of direction.

While the menacing presence of the Grim Reaper was enough to send us into an anxiety attack, Oda makes things worse in Chapter 1042 by featuring Zoro’s seemingly lifeless body hanging in the basement.

However, with his last appearance in the recent chapter, we have to wonder: is he alive?

It is still unknown if Zoro is alive, as Chapter 1046 features a concerned Franky carrying the swordsman through the burning Right Brain Tower while exclaiming that he is in critical condition and needs urgently. medical care from Chopper.

Will Zoro return?

It’s unthinkable to imagine the One Piece universe without our favorite swordsman traversing countless hordes of enemies with his dazzling swordplay and living the life of a pirate with his fellow Straw Hats.

Zoro will bounce back as he is an integral and indispensable member of Luffy’s crew. Plus, there’s no way he’s falling into non-existence after the immense buildup he’s received over two decades.

Moreover, the story of One Piece is far from over. While the Wa Land arc absorbs all the limelight, Luffy’s goal is still incomplete. So, you can bet Zoro will survive to see his captain’s dream come true.

5 reasons why he will come back:

1. Luffy’s First Companion –

Zoro has been stuck with Luffy through thick and thin since he was recruited. As first and second crewman, he’s made it his mission to support his captain’s goal, no matter the cost.

Luffy | Source: IMDb

Throughout his journey with Luffy, Zoro has shown unparalleled loyalty and friendship as he defends his captain no matter what dangers lie ahead.

Whether it’s his brutal sacrifice of getting through Kuma’s test, swallowing his pride and begging Mihawk to train him, or facing King after being beaten and broken, he says with determination that he will live to see Luffy as the Pirate King.

Plus, with a race to find the One Piece and a clash with the Blackbeard Pirates on the horizon, Zoro will definitely be at his captain’s side, stronger than ever.

2. B. Kuina’s will –

While most of Zoro’s veiled past is only slowly sinking into his character, his rivalry with his childhood friend and prodigy swordsman Kuina has heavily influenced his life.

Along with his back-to-back wins in 2001 over him serving as an inspiration to improve his skills, Kuina’s untimely death set Zoro’s goal to become the greatest stone swordsman.

One Piece Chapter 1046: Is Zoro Alive? Will he survive to fight again?

Zoro and Kuina | Source: Fandom

Although he’s angry that she can’t keep their promise anymore, he tearfully swore at her memorial that he would accept her will and make the other’s dreams come true.

With the heart of Oda’s story infused into Zoro’s lens and Mihawk still considered the strongest swordsman, you can be sure Zoro is postponing this trip to paradise until he claims that title. .

3. Survived near death –

Zoro has always knocked on death’s door and emerged triumphant despite the many severe beatings he’s suffered along the way.

Whether it’s overcoming Luffy’s immeasurable pain in the Thriller Bark arc or resisting Mihawk’s devastating slash, Zoro’s Unbeatable Strength and Steadfast Determination shine as the highlight of his character.

Even his stellar mental strength refuses to see him defeated, no matter the circumstances. From boldly declaring “no one can take my life” to facing off against a Yonko and a flying calamity, Zoro has adamantly denied death even though he stares at it.

So while being at the mercy of a Grim Reaper is cause for concern, there’s nothing stopping Zoro from continuing his streak. But since the stakes are very high, it will be a difficult obstacle to overcome.

4. Roots D. Shimotsuki –

Wano Country Arc dropped massive bombshells on Zoro’s ancestry with his striking resemblance to Ryuma and unexplored ties to Ushimaru Shimotsuki.

One Piece Chapter 1046: Is Zoro Alive? Will he survive to fight again?

Shimotsuki Ushimaru | Source: Fandom

With an unknown past tied to a prominent samurai clan, the arc is unlikely to close upon his death.

5. Conquer Enma –

It’s long been established in the One Piece world that swords have their own personality. While Zoro has a friendly relationship with Sandai Kitetsu and Wado Ichimonji, Enma was notoriously difficult to tame.

Ever since Hiyori gifted Zoro the demonic sword, it’s been a long, grueling struggle of back-to-back training montages to control its raw, unbridled power.

So it makes all the more sense that his hard work pays off with Enma’s mastery and the emergence of a new Black Blade after his harrowing brush with death.

Who or what is the grim reaper?

From its mysterious and intimidating debut in Chapter 1038, the Grim Reaper has become the talk of the town, spawning theories that categorize it as either a classic Oda gag, a symbolism, or a literal supernatural entity.

While the latter two have merit, the former has already been debunked. When the chapter fell, fans speculated that Oda decided to pull off a quick one and that Zoro hallucinated Brook as the Reaper.

However, it is now confirmed that Soul King cannot be the apparition as he was on top of Skull Dome, very far from Zoro’s location. Even the panels are purposely contrasted to convey that Zoro’s life is in imminent danger.

Now let’s move on to symbolism. It’s entirely plausible that the Grim Reaper represents death or Zoro on the brink, as Reapers are usually tasked with collecting souls at the end of their lives.

However, it’s also likely that the swordsman is hallucinating the entity due to the combined effects of Mink Tribe medicine and his unbearable fatigue and injuries pounding him simultaneously.

As Chopper explains in the same chapter, the Miracle Concoction grants a temporary burst of extreme healing, to deal double damage later. So it makes perfect sense that Zoro’s badly affected physical condition is messing with his mind.

While this offers a logical explanation, the supernatural forces tied to Zoro’s demonic sword offer an even better answer.

It is popularly theorized that the Reaper is the manifestation of Enma.

As Shimotsuki Kozaburo stated, a sword’s personality must be mastered by a swordsman in order to wield the weapon effectively. So it makes perfect sense that the sword challenges Zoro.

Compared to his “problem child” Sandai Kitetsu, Enma frustratingly resists Zoro, even sucking his Haki in until his arm shrivels up. Likely, he did not accept him as his master, as it only activates when Hiyori plays the shamisen.

Besides, his name synonymous with Yama, the Buddhist king of hell, indicates a possible grudge he bears against our favorite foam man.

Since Yama is the personification of death and is responsible for the judgment of souls, the sword may not have liked Zoro’s cheeky statement in chapter 1036 to usurp his position as ruler of the Burning Hell.

Will Zoro defeat him?

Whether it’s a daunting test of dominance or a battle of his own will to survive in the face of death, Zoro must defeat the entity to achieve his and the captain’s goal.

Despite his constant brush with death, Zoro might be inherently terrified of dying on his friends and having his dreams crushed by death. Therefore, Oda gave him the perfect opportunity to conquer his fears by triumphing over them.

Although it is disturbing, his physique is not a condition to face a potential supernatural threat, it will probably be a mental battle as the Reaper is nowhere in sight when Franky carries his unresponsive body.

About one piece

One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since July 22, 1997.

The man who had acquired everything in this world, the Pirate King, is Gol D. Roger. The last words he spoke at the tower of execution were “My treasures? If you want it, I’ll let you. Look for; I left everything there. Those words sent many out to sea, chasing their dreams, heading to the Grand Line, in search of One Piece. Thus began a new era!

Seeking to be the world’s greatest pirate, young Monkey D. Luffy also heads to the Grand Line in search of One Piece. Joining him along the way is his diverse crew, consisting of a swordsman, sniper, navigator, cook, medic, archaeologist, and cyborg -shipwright, it will be a memorable adventure.

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