Is Zoro the vice-captain of the Straw Hats?

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One Piece is an epic story of friendship, adventure, mystery, action and more. Luffy and Zoro have always had an unmatched bond, which is rare to see. Zoro is Luffy’s second in command and the most loyal of the Straw Hat members. Like a vice-captain should, Zoro always keeps Luffy in check. Luffy, who is as reckless as ever, couldn’t have found a more perfect right-hand man. Before joining the crew, he was a pirate hunter infamous for his three-sword style.

He joins the crew in hopes of fulfilling his dream of becoming the strongest swordsman in the world. Moreover, he believes more than anyone in Luffy’s dream of becoming the Pirate King. It all starts at the beginning of their adventure, when Zoro comes up against Mihawk, one of the Seven Sea Shichibukai. After a crushing defeat, Zoro makes a promise to Luffy that he will never lose a fight until he becomes the strongest swordsman in the world. Zoro says it will be a real dilemma for Luffy as the Pirate King if his swordsman isn’t the best.

Why Zoro Is Straw Hat’s Most Important Member

Just being the first member of the Straw Hat Pirates doesn’t capture Zoro’s importance to the crew. What matters is how he takes care of everyone and keeps a cool head even in desperate situations. He always pushes Luffy to take things seriously and behave like a captain should. In the “Water 7” arc, Ussop leaves the crew after a fight with Luffy. After a while, he tries to join the crew and everyone excitedly rushes to welcome him, except Zoro. Zoro points out to her that not everyone can come and go as they please, especially after disrespecting their captain.

Another iconic moment takes place in the “Thriller Bark” arc. Kuma follows the orders of the World Government and goes to the island to stop Luffy from defeating another Grand Corsair. Although the fight is already over, Kuma still tries to pursue Luffy. However, Zoro steps in and offers his life instead. He even says that his dream of becoming the strongest swordsman in the world is nowhere near as big as his captain’s. Also, in the Wano arc, Zoro uses Conqueror’s Haki for the first time.. This makes him the only character among the Straw Hats, aside from Luffy, to wield this power. As a member of the worst generation, he also faces two Yonkos at the same time as Luffy and the others. This proves Zoro’s importance both in the series and in Luffy’s life.

Is Zoro the vice-captain of the Straw Hats?

zoro and his swords

Zoro is the unofficial vice-captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. Rumors about him intensified after the “Wano” arc. The Straw Hats don’t have an official vice-captain yet and likely won’t in the future, but Zoro still takes on all the responsibilities of a vice-captain.

Whenever there is a battle, Zoro fights the arc’s main villain’s right-hand man. For example, in the “Alabasta” arc, Zoro fights Mr. One when Luffy is busy fighting Crocodile. Among fans, Luffy is compared to Gol D. Roger, while Zoro is the counterpart of Roger’s right-hand man, Silvers Rayleigh.