It’s not just Dragon Ball or One Piece, here are 8 anime to watch on Netflix in 2023

news culture It’s not just Dragon Ball or One Piece, here are 8 anime to watch on Netflix in 2023

During the year 2023, Netflix intends to expand its catalog. Of course, this involves new features on the series and film side, but also on the anime side. Horror, Tomb Raider and retired yakuza… Here’s what this new year has in store for us on the platform.

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King

It’s been a while since BlackClover did not liven up our screens. The last episode of the anime was in March 2021 and fans have had to take their troubles ever since. But rest assured, something is coming to Netflix in 2023: the film Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King. This is the very first feature film BlackClover and it won’t follow Yuki Tataba’s manga. A great mystery therefore hovers over the plot even if the trailers have nevertheless allowed us to glean some information. First, we know that Asta, Yuno, Yami and others will be there. So far, nothing surprising. But the presence of other characters is intriguing. This is the case of Conrad Leto, a former Mage Emperor of the Kingdom of Clover who came straight from the past. To find out more about the why and how of this astonishing presence, you will have to wait until March 31, 2023.

In a world ruled by magic, Yuno and Asta grew up together with one goal in mind: to become the next Mage-Emperor of the kingdom of Clover. But if the first is naturally gifted, the second, meanwhile, does not know how to manipulate magic. This is how during the ceremony of awarding their grimoire, Yuno receives the legendary four-leaf clover grimoire while Asta leaves empty-handed. However, later, an ancient and mysterious black book decorated with a five-leaf clover appears in front of him! A grimoire of anti-magic…

Kengan Ashura Part 3

In January 2015, the shonen magazine Ura Sunday launched a poll to find out which of its manga should be adapted into an anime. The result is edifying: with 2.3 million votes (out of 9 million), it is the battle shonen Kengan Ashura who wins. The anime will first be shown at Anime Expo in July 2018, then released in Toho Cinemas from January 2019, finally ending up on Netflix in July. A few months later, the second part of the anime arrives. And since then, nothing… Suffice to say that when part 3 was announced on Twitter, the fans were very happy. Although no specific date has yet been announced, the latter should be broadcast during the first part of 2023.

Ohma Tokita enters a secret universe where disputes are settled through violent gladiator fights. Forget the money, the objective is to fight to win.

The Way of the Apron Season 2

We leave the shonen to take an interest in a seinen with a somewhat special animation: The way of the apron. Throughout the 10 episodes of the first season, we were able to discover an unusual style made of still images that some had a hard time getting used to. But all the same, his quirky humor was able to keep many spectators in suspense who responded present. So much so that on September 25, Netflix indicated that it was preparing a second season. For those who have followed the manga, know that the latter will tell us the adventures of Tatsu from Volume 4 of the manga. We are waiting for this season 2 of The way of the apron for January 2023. No more precise date for the moment, nor even a trailer, but we hope to learn more very soon.

After disappearing from the world of the underworld, the legendary yakuza nicknamed “Immortal Dragon” resurfaces in the skin of the perfect husband at home!

It's not just Dragon Ball or One Piece, here are 8 anime to watch on Netflix in 2023

Maniac by Junji Ito: Macabre Anthology

In the world of horror manga, there is a master that everyone admires: Junji Ito. If you don’t know the man, you read manga and you like horror stories to perfection, there are no negotiations possible: you absolutely must read the works of Junji Ito. His aura is such that when developing Silent Hills, Hideo Kojima went to seek advice from this master of horror. That is why anime Maniac by Junji Ito: Macabre Anthology, announced during Netflix’s Geeked Week and supposed to take over twenty of Junji Ito’s morbid tales, is one of the big anime releases of this year. And good news, it will be released here at the same time as in Japan, i.e. January 19, 2023.

A collection of the weirdest, most disturbing and terrifying tales straight from the mind of horror manga genius Junji Ito.

Pokémon the Ultimate Voyages Part 2

During the Jump Festa, we learned that after 25 years of good and loyal service, Sacha and Pikachu were going to pack up their apron. After achieving his big dream (to become the best trainer), the young boy from Bourg-Palette will leave his place to a new generation of trainers. But before that, he will still say goodbye to us thanks to the second part of Pokemon, the ultimate journeys. Between retrospective of Sacha’s adventures and transfer for the future, it will allow us to find Pokémon and emblematic characters of the anime. Note, however, that if Pokemon, the ultimate journeys has been available on Netflix since October 21 and part 2 is expected in early 2023, the series does not appear in the French catalog. But that could well change during the year.

After the historic victory that crowned Ash as the world’s best Pokémon Trainer, marking the culmination of 25 seasons of adventures, fans can celebrate his entire journey with a collection of special episodes that will conclude the series: Pokémon, the journeys ultimate. We’ll find fan-favorite Pokémon and characters, including Misty and Peter, in these episodes, and they’ll give a glimpse of what the future holds for the world’s best Trainer in this final chapter of Ash and Pikachu’s adventures.

tomb Raider

After a film adaptation, the adventures of the young Lara Croft will venture into the field of Japanese animation exclusively on Netflix. The news fell at the beginning of the year 2021, and yes you are not dreaming we are talking about Japanese animation. This is indeed how the upcoming series is listed. No visual for the moment, but still some important information. Writer and producer Tasha Huo has indeed claimed that this series should make the link between the last trilogy of the franchise and the very first opus. Suffice to say that the task looks complicated, but it will allow us to find known characters like Jonah (Survivor Trilogy) or Zip (Tomb Raider Chronicles, Legend and Underworld). For the moment, no precise release date, but all the same a vague 2023.

Follow the Tomb Raider heroine as she explores new territory.

Ultraman Season 3

Ultraman’s first appearance dates back to 1966. Suffice to say that being still standing almost 60 years after the debut is still quite an achievement. And among the dozens of derivative series, we find that of Netflix, which is simply called Ultraman. This is an adaptation of the manga by Shimizu Eiichi and Shimoguchi Tomohiro, published since 2015 with us. But if the latter is still being broadcast, the Netflix anime will bow out with a third and final season, scheduled for 2023. It is a direct sequel to the events of the second. In it, a tragic event involving strange disappearances has taken place and is due, unsurprisingly, to a new alien threat. Worse than ever, Ultraman will have to redouble his efforts to save humanity and his friends.

Years ago, a space hero restored peace to Earth. Today, it’s Ultraman’s son’s turn to protect the world against an alien threat.

Valkyrie Apocalypse Season 2

Also known as Record of Ragnarok, Valkyrie Apocalypse is an anime adapted from the manga of the same name. If the name will certainly make you think of a certain Nordic mythology, it is however not what we propose Valkyrie Apocalypsewell not really. In this series, the gods (and not just the Norse gods) want to exterminate humans. But the valkyries oppose this and instead propose a tournament to decide the fate of mankind, pitting 13 gods against 13 humans. And the least we can say is that this new season promises to be epic, with fighters such as Heracles, Jack the Ripper or the sumo Raiden Tameimon. Note that this season 2 will be divided into two parts. The first will contain ten episodes and will be broadcast from January 26, 2023 on Netflix. The final five are expected to arrive later in the year.

Before eradicating humanity, the gods decide to give Men one last chance to prove their worth. Let the battles of Ragnarok begin!