It’s official, One Piece is the best anime in history (and there’s no more debate)

Fans voted One Piece the best anime of all time.

The anime tournament, the perfect opportunity for fans to speak from the heart

Fans never hesitate to step up to defend their favorite anime. Those shōnen cults of the last 30 years (Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece) are regularly torn apart on social networks. Twitter was therefore the perfect place to launch the ultimate tournament and elect the best anime ever ! On July 14, YouTuber Sofyan Boudouni launched a new anime tournament after the 2018 tournament won by One Piece. And Naruto was sacred! But it doesn’t stop there…

One Piece narrowly defeats Naruto and wins the ultimate final!

After Naruto’s big victory against Demon Slayer (72.1% of votes out of a total of 220,596 on Twitter), Sofyan Boudouni pitted the winners of the 2018 tournament and the 2022 tournament against Naruto vs. One Piece, an ultimate clash between two anime whose communities love to garland each other. After 303,969 votes, One Piece wins with 57.5% of the votes facing the work of Masashi Kishimoto!

Obviously, the fans do not fail to give their opinion on this result in the comments and, more generally, to explain why one is better than the other. The work of Eiichirō Oda, which will be back very soon for the final saga, still has the advantage of being always in the news (even if Boruto, still in progress, extends the story of Naruto) and of lasting. In any case, the absence of Dragon Ball in this final would not surely not pleasure to François Hollande.