“It’s really awesome !” One Piece Creator Reassures Fans About Netflix Adaptation But No One Believes It

news culture “It’s really awesome !” One Piece Creator Reassures Fans About Netflix Adaptation But No One Believes It

While One Piece fans are still skeptical since the officialization of the Live Action series produced by Netflix, Eiichiro Oda recently spoke on the subject. The author of the most famous manga is enthusiastic, but still struggles to reassure his most loyal readers.

Oda wants to reassure

Since its formalization last year, the Live Action One Piece series produced by Netflix has been far from unanimous with fans, so much so that the promotion of the program only seems to serve to reassure everyone. For viewers/readers, Netflix has never really shone for its manga adaptation work, with Death Note and Cowboy Bebop in particular, which still remain bitter memories today.

The main actor of this new project had already expressed the enormous pressure he feltbefore the showrunner also decides to share his point of view and does not try to reassure the fans. Today, it is Eiichiro Oda himself who speaks about the series. For the mangaka, the project would be on the right track.

The One Piece Live Action series is progressing well. So far we’ve shot the whole of season 1. So much has happened behind the scenes, and to be completely honest, I was the most worried about this project… but it’s really awesome ! – Eiichiro Oda.

That’s not it yet

The declarations are multiplying, all the people invested in this project want to be confident, yet the fans remain skeptical. If some are nevertheless enthusiastic, the comments testify to a still palpable doubt within the community:I hope it will be good, but I remember Oda said that the game
World Seeker was damn awesome
“.”Yes because Netflix is ​​famous for its incredible adaptations…” “I expect a waste“. Not enough to convince the fans therefore, even when Oda in person shares his opinion. Let’s hope the first images prove the production right.

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