Kaido, alone in the world?

One Piece Chapitre

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The next chapter 1037 of One Piece should send us back to Kaido, who is now the only lifeblood of the Hundred Beasts Pirates!

Who would have thought? As the revolution on Onigashima began with an extremely unfavorable balance of power with the Mugiwara allies – 5,000 against 30,000, guaranteeing the victory of Kaido and Big Mom as explained by the CP-0 – we now see the insurgents benefiting from a completely different position. Queen, the strange former collaborator of Judge Vinsmoke, and King on the flank, only Kaidô remains standing as the major asset of the Hundred Beasts Pirates. And it is towards the latter that Oda should once again bring us back, for ever more violent clashes against Luffy!

Towards an epilogue of the Kaido fight against Luffy? — Credit(s): DeviantArt

The question that now arises is above all whether we will have yet another round where Luffy shows his new power before coming up against the most powerful creature in the world again, or whether he will be able to flinch the colossus. Because as CP-0 reminds us (once again!), as long as the two Yonkou are standing, it is impossible for the coalition to achieve victory. And despite the accumulation of opponents – red scabbards, supernovas, Yamato and Luffy – Kaido is still stationed at the top of his head, ready for new savagery!

The Roger moment?

But it is perhaps precisely because he has chained the opponents without batting an eyelid, and shown the incredible extent of his strength, that Kaidô will perhaps finally fall. We saw about ten Oda chapters ago show us Luffy as Gold Roger. But to be entitled to this exceptional title, you have to roll back mountains. And that’s exactly what the Kaidô build-up has brought us so far. So, should we expect the first failures of the monstrous emperor on the very damaged skull of Onigashima, and this from the chapter of this week?