Kaido’s New Transformation in One Piece Chapter 1048 Might Beat Luffy!

As (almost) every week, a chapter of One Piece comes out, for our greatest happiness. Here are the first clues to manga chapter 1048 with a new transformation for Kaido in his fight against Luffy and the death of a central character in the Onigashima War.

For several hours, on the Internet, information has been circulating about One Piece Chapter 1048. According to several sources and thanks to leaks, it is possible to say that this chapter will once again be full of twists and crucial information on the rest of the work. So if you are not up to date in the manga, go your way!

Kaido’s Revolt

You didn’t think that Kaido was going to let it go against Luffy and his Gear 5? Despite the mugiwara power-up, Kaido remains an Emperor of the Seas. The most powerful creature in the world will unveil a new transformation. A flame dragon that will melt Onigashima’s horn and seems to be even more terrifying. If this transformation is not heralded as the awakening of his power, Kaido might defeat Luffy just like that.

The two fighters continue to engage in a deadly duel and each launch a new devastating attack. the Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun (Monkey King’s Gun) faces the Shoryū: Kaen Hakke. Because of this powerful collision, the sky splits in two, similar to the clashes between Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger. A sign of fate from Eiichiro Oda?

The shogun of Wano Kuni finally dead?

With all the high-ranking members of the Hundred Beasts Crew fallen along with Emperor Big Mom, only Kaido remains to defeat for the pirate-samurai alliance to emerge victorious. Nevertheless, a man whose beliefs are questionable is still alive, Kurozumi Orochi, the current shogun of Wano Kuni. Beheaded by Kaido, then by the Red Scabbards and ignited by Hiyori, Orochi persists and clings to life.

Kanjuro, the man who was doing double duty before, may be the final blow to him with yet another injury that could definitely kill the tyrant of the capital of flowers. A coup de theater proposed by the author of One Piece who very rarely kills his characters. The end of the war is looming and now only the outcome of the fight between Kaido and Luffy remains to close one of the longest arcs in the work.