Kaido’s Past and Joy Boy’s Prophecy Revealed in One Piece Chapter 1049!

As (almost) every week, a chapter of One Piece comes out, for our greatest happiness. Here are the first clues to manga chapter 1049 with the first flashback to Kaido’s past and Luffy’s prophecy to end the Onigashima War.

For several hours, on the Internet, information has been circulating about chapter 1049 of One Piece. According to several sources and thanks to leaks, it is possible to say that this chapter will once again be full of twists and crucial information on the rest of the work. So if you are not up to date in the manga, go your way!

Kaido’s past

It was one of the most anticipated moments in the manga. The past of Kaidothe most powerful creature in One Piece which is finally beginning to be revealed. Especially since we know that Kaido was part of the Rocks’ crew, a crew with the presence of bigmom or even Whitebeard, readers are eager to know how this ancient union was formed.

Chapter 1049, titled “The World We Must Hope For” shows us a young Kaido who meets White beard, who confides to him that a man named Rocks wishes to meet him, because he is interested in the destructive power of the future Emperor of the Seas. Later we see a second flashback of Kaido talking with King and confides to him that he is invincible and that alone joyboy might succeed in defeating him.

The Joy Boy Prophecy

The end of Wano Kuni is getting closer and closer. Onigashima continues its fall towards the land of the Wa, while the water present in the castle and the clouds of flames disappear completely. Fortunately, Momonosuke (finally) manages to create clouds of flames in an attempt to hold back the castle, which is about to crash into the population. On his side, Luffy sends a huge blow to Kaido who falls in the flower capital.

Always in Gear5, the captain of the straw hat crew promises to create a world where none of his friends will be treated like slaves and will be happy. But for that he has to beat Kaido, one of the most powerful characters in manga ! While waiting for the final release of the chapter on Friday March 13, Eiichiro Oda leads us to believe that Monkey D. Luffy is indeed Joy Boy. If this theory turns out to be true, the latter’s prophecy will come true and he will overcome Kaido and can finally free the whole country from the terror that has persisted for 20 years.