KISS finds reference to their band in One Piece Film: RED

Among the hundreds of surprises that can occur within One Piece Film: RED there is a very peculiar reference that comes out of any theory and forecast that fans can make, and that is that one of the film’s leads is dressed just like a member of KISS.

The New York gang characterized by their outlandish outfits and white make-up inspired the producers of the next film of one piece to disguise the “God” Usopp just like bassist Geene Simons, being given away by the spikes around his shoulder pads, makeup, and ponytail hairstyle.

That’s how we got to KISS’s most recent tweet, while the Rock band applauds this reference and makes a description of One Piece Film: RED as “an action/adventure film with a mix of fantasy”.

But how was this reference born? Now that we know a little more about the plot of One Piece: Film RED, we know that many of its characters will attend a concert performed by the mysterious “daughter of Shanks”, so the musical theme lends itself to making this type of tribute; In fact, if you look carefully at the duo made up of Jimbe/Franky also pay tribute to Elvis Presley/Jukebox respectively.

There are at least three different designs for the protagonists of Film REDwhich also talks about the different situations that the Straw Hat crew will face once the film is released on June 8, 2022.

Have you already seen the reference to KISS in the movie of One Piece Film: RED?


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