Kizaru’s awakening, or the fight between the Admiral and Luffy!

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With Kizaru’s arrival on the Isle of Egghead and his very subtly hinted relationship with Vegapunk, it’s highly likely that we’ll finally see an awakened Logia user.

Let’s start with what we know:

Zoan’s Awakening

Lucci and the Guardians at Impel Down. They gain senses, strength, stamina, etc. increased. Lucci’s awakening transforms him into a beastman with a cloud-like hagoromo scarf to indicate his newfound divinity and transcendence.

Awakening of the mythical Zoan

As with Zoans, users can become divine or enhanced versions of their respective animals. Hito Hito no mi users are slightly different, however. We believe they essentially become “enlightened” humans, which could be portrayed as becoming divine.

For example, the shape of the great Buddha of Sengoku and Luffy’s Gear 5 awakened form. In the latter case, he becomes eternally joyful and enlightened to show how free he is now.

White is often used as a color to symbolize divinity and purity in East Asian culture or religion, which explains its appearance. Interestingly, her hair and hagoromo scarf look like burning/river clouds.

We interpret this as the saying “head in the clouds” or something similar to using one’s wacky imagination to fight and influence the world around one, as clouds are often associated with dreams, freedom, in flight, etc. It could also indicate its transcendence, as heaven and heaven can be culturally synonymous.

Paramecia’s awakening

Unfortunately, it seems that Paramecia users do not get divine transformation directly. They can use their fruit’s powers to influence the environment and people around them and transform them into their fruit’s element and/or apply the power to them. Otherwise, they remain on land.

We know that Kid and Douglas Bullet can use their fruits to mechanize and surround their bodies with metal; however, this is very different as their base bodies are still vulnerable and unchanged.

The awakening of the Logia

We know next to nothing about Logia’s revivals and for good reason: Oda is probably saving the best for last.. Logias have been presented throughout history as not only rare but also exceptionally powerful.

Although not explicitly stated, many assume that Awakened users can permanently terraform the environment to their respective element since we’ve seen anomalies like Punk Hazard, where Aokiji and Akainu clashed.

We’ve even seen theories that Kizaru or previous Pika user Pika no mi was responsible for Eternal Sunlight at Enies Lobby. Also, some speculate that Enel was an Awakened user due to his unique 200,000,000 Volt Amaru form, an anomaly among all Logia powers so far except Ryokygyu.

The Plant Admiral has no specific form, but transforms into a full-body anthropomorphized elemental, whereas the other Logias retain their human appearance even when using their powers. Perhaps their lack of restraint is a result of their arrogance.

Kizaru’s Awakening

With this knowledge of previous awakenings, We believe that awakening the logia completely transforms the user into a divine being who embodies their fruity element.

A massive, towering force of nature whose power is so overwhelming that everything around it is engulfed by its mere presence. This might explain why Admirals have to be so reserved with their fruit powers, as they could easily cause collateral damage and slaughter innocent lives.

For tangible things like magma and ice, we could see Akainu and Aokiji’s awakening as a larger version of Ryokugyu’s supposedly awakened appearance. With regards to Kizaru’s awakening in particular, we believe he will become something similar to Enel’s Amaru form, as lightning and light are intangible and therefore harder to represent in their raw state.

We know that Skypeia was written when Oda thought he should be nearing the end of his story., which could be an allusion to defying the false gods that are Logia fruit users. Early in the story, the logias appeared to be gods and were considered impossible to defeat.

Members of the D are enemies of God, so we think that would make thematic sense. Luffy himself is portrayed as a prankish god with red eyes and a mischievous, almost sinister smile, and is the “son of the devil”. known as the Dragon.

In Marineford, people call him and Ace “the devil’s child”. Additionally, many Straw Hats have underworld-related themes, such as the Asura technique of Zoro, Robin’s Flower Demonio, Sanji’s Devil Leg, and Brook’s Soul Command.

The band of badass demonic delinquents rebel against the arrogant beings who have established authoritarian rule over the current world and think of themselves as untouchable gods.


To add to this the themes of dawn versus dusk, freedom versus unjust order, and demon versus false god that are present in One Piece: Wouldn’t it be great if Kizaru’s awakened form looked like a real celestial being? Like an angel or a real seraph. Or maybe a light-themed gangster god? Or a Japanese god of light like Amaterasu?

There are no doubt a variety of hidden religious themes in Mary Geoise and the Coming Conflict, so who knows? The possibilities are limitless. He could reach a state of enlightenment and begin to blast his light powers without any limits, all the while smiling like he always does.

It would also be cool if his form was the reverse of Luffy’s Gear 5. While Luffy’s smile looks mischievous and sinister, he actually has good intentions and likes to have fun. Conversely, Kizaru’s smile looks pleasant on the outside but is actually just a facade that hides his malevolent cunning and apathy.

We are really excited to read these next chapters because we’re finally going to get answers to the most pervasive mysteries in the series. On top of that, we’ll see Kizaru in action and hopefully get more explanation of his motivations and powers.