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One Piece »Volume 3 (Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha) Photo: Ikechan

Hello everyone who is watching “MAIJITSU ENTA”. I am Ikechan, a youtuber who is gradually embarking on “ONE PIECE”. This time, I will continue my review of the third volume of the comic book, which depicts the battle against the “bug pirates”.

Luffy’s mind and his encounter with Usopp

The most memorable scene in Volume 3 is when Luffy and his friends are kicked out by the townspeople after defeating the leader of the “Bug Pirates”. From a reader’s point of view, it’s frustrating as Luffy is actually the city’s savior. Luffy knows that the townspeople don’t like pirates, but he dares to tell them he’s a pirate.

In the third volume, I understand much better the character of Luffy, who does not always lie and answers questions honestly. If he explains the situation well, Luffy and his friends can become heroes in this city. However, as they aim for the Main Line, they return to the sea without any explanation. This is so cool…

In addition, Luffy leaves half of the “Buggy Pirates” treasure as money for repairing the town. Although they are pirates, they don’t try to take anything from the townspeople, they seem to have a habit of only targeting pirates and taking their treasures.

The story changes, but in the second half of the same volume, Captain Usopp finally appears. I’ve never read “One Piece” before, but I’ve heard of Usopp…! The “Usopp Pirates” led by Usopp are different from the “Buggy Pirates” and live in harmony with the townspeople. I see there are several kinds of pirates too.

Usopp often goes to the mansion to lie to the sick young woman Kaya and tell her he’s proud of her. Plus, he’s proud to be a pirate, which seems like a good match for Luffy from the start. I wonder if Usopp is going to become a member of the “Luffy Pirates” from now on… ..

In the midst of all of this, a plan to murder the girl by Butler Klahador is uncovered. It seems that the battle to protect the peace of the city and the life of the young woman will begin here. Unlike the pirates of the past, Klahador is a man who plans his actions carefully, so it will be interesting to see what type of battle he will fight. What kind of adventure awaits us in the next fourth volume?

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