Laboon has a sadder story than fans realize!

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The world of One Piece is home to various races and creatures. It incorporates many real-life animals into its narrative, but also features quirky creations befitting the island they inhabit. These wild animals even serve as tools to face the dangers of the islands and the seas. But regardless of the number of unique beasts in One Piece, the most popular will undoubtedly remain the giant Laboon whale, especially because of its history.

Sad origins are commonplace in One Piece, and Laboon is no exception. The poor whale was separated from her group, but eventually found companions among the Rumbar Pirates, following them up Reverse Mountain and into the Grand Line. But due to the size of the whale, the Rumbar Pirates had to leave it behind with Crocus. Laboon waited for them for decades, not wanting to believe they were already dead. Luckily he still had Crocus by his side, or so most fans thought..

Crocus was part of Gol D. Roger’s crew

Crocus is one of the best doctors in One Piece, and his name is even known to many pirates. One of the crews intrigued by his fame was that of the legendary Roger Pirates, who invited him to accompany their final voyage as ship’s doctor. Crocus eventually agreed to join their journey, not only to be part of history, but also to get his hands on the Rumbar Pirates. After all, the promised date for the reunion with Laboon had already passed.

Roger’s last pirate voyage, which ended after reaching Laugh Tale, lasted three years. After that, Roger surrendered to the Marines and disbanded his crew. The remaining members followed different paths, with some of them creating their own pirate crew. Crocus, meanwhile, returned to the Twin Cape Lighthouse and looked after Laboon for years to come.

Laboon was left alone for the three years without Crocus

For the same reason the Rumbar Pirates entrusted Laboon to Crocus, the latter could not take the whale with Roger’s Pirates. This is especially true since Laboon would have grown by then, making it harder for the whale to keep up with their ship. Moreover, Crocus lived alone, without apprentices or subordinates, and so Laboon had to remain alone for these three years. Fortunately, Reverse Mountain is not very accessible to hackers, and Laboon therefore did not run many risks. Crocus may also have instructed the whale to hide in the depths to avoid unnecessary danger.

Unlike the Rumbar Pirates, Crocus eventually returned, as proven by the Straw Hats who encountered him at Twin Cape. If Laboon is delighted, the news that Crocus announces to him is not necessarily cheerful. After all, he found no trace of the Rumbar Pirates. He can only assume the crew is missing or dead. This may also be when the colossal whale began to bang its head against the mountain, plagued by grief and denial.