Last act for One Piece manga, July 25, 2022

It’s been years sinceEiichiro Oda confirms that One Piece, his major work, is nearing completion. The information makes more sense today, the start of publication of what seems to be the last arc of the manga.

After recently completing Wano’s long arc, the title author is beginning what is officially billed as “the final chapter,” according to a tweet posted last June. The first chapter of this decisive segment was prepublished today, in the 34th issue of the year of the famous Shōnen Jump.

This week’s Jump issue is all the more symbolic in that it celebrates, in conjunction with the competing magazine Shônen Sunday (whose issue will appear on Wednesday), a spotlight on One Piece and Detective Conan, major manga by Gosho Aoyama having exceeded 100 volumes. The two magazine covers form an illustration featuring Luffy and Zoro for One Piece, and Conan and Amuro for Detective Conan. The magazines offer a joint interview with the two authors who talk about their respective titles and the path taken. Regarding One Piece, we learn in particular that the end planned by Oda remains the one thought from the start. The mangaka would like to conclude his series within three years, while being aware of the difficulty of precisely predicting this type of deadline. The pre-publication could therefore continue for a little longer.

For now, One Piece has 102 volumes in Japan. The 103rd volume is scheduled for August 4. On our side, 101 volumes are available in our bookstores, the highly anticipated volume 102 being scheduled for September 14 at Glénat editions.

Synopsis of the manga:

We are in the era of pirates ! Luffy, a mischievous boy, dreams of becoming the king of the pirates by finding the “One Piece”, a fabulous and mysterious treasure. But, inadvertently, Luffy one day swallowed a “magical devil fruit” that turned him into a rubber man. Since then, he is able to contort his elastic body in all directions, but he has lost the ability to swim, the height for a pirate! Over the course of ever more incredible adventures and chance encounters, Luffy will gradually compose his crew and multiply friendships with the peoples he discovers, while facing formidable enemies.