Let’s remember the value of friendship with the amazing “Vans x One Piece” collection

Land in sight or better said: Vans x One Piece special collection in sight! That’s right, one of the most popular sports brands and one of the most beloved anime come together in an incredible collaboration.

The Vans x One Piece Collection follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew to find the One Piece, now fans can remember and treasure favorite moments from the anime with this release. Among the most emblematic pieces of the collection are the classic Sk8-Hi Punk Hazard from Vans, with a 360-degree graphic on the silhouette, which recalls the epic fight between admirals Aokiji and Akainu, in which the island of Punk Hazard was divided into two large areas, one completely frozen and the other dominated by large flames. Each silhouette in the collection bears the iconic Vans checkerboard patterns.

Vans x One Piece

Another of the star products of the collection is the Vans classic Old Skool, which features the infamous devil fruits, which give different superhuman powers to many of the characters in the story, but at the same time make them unable to swim. The Authentic model of this collection is inspired by the nautical style of American heritage and features a jute fabric on the upper part that pays homage to Luffy’s straw hat, accompanied by embroidery with One Piece’s iconic symbols.

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The spirit of One Piece also takes over the classic silhouettes designed for skateboarding with the iconic “Wanted” signs of Nami, nicknamed “Cat Thief” on the Skate Sk8-Hi in orange and the Old Skool presents the “Demon Girl”. ”, Nico Robin, in a purple color. Both sneakers feature the One Piece logo wrapping around the sole.

Vans x One Piece

That’s not all, the collection will also feature accessories such as backpacks, socks and hats inspired by the most iconic anime characters such as Roronoa Zoro, Luffy, Brook and the entire crew.

Additionally, Japanese artist Cookie! teamed up with Vans to present the collection under his interpretation and paid homage to the “Off the Wall” spirit. Pieces will include a sweatshirt and t-shirt designed by Cookie! in which they introduce his favorite character: Chopper.

Vans x One Piece

The Vans x One Piece collection will be available at Vans stores and the online store from November 11. The One Piece exists!

Enjoy two passions at the same time, the love for fashion and for anime, especially for One Piece with the collaboration with Vans.