Lost in Random looks like Tim Burton, but is inspired by One Piece and other manga

It was recently released Lost in Random, a game developed by Zoink Games with a spectacular art style, reminiscent of the Tim Burton or Henry Selick films, but whose inspiration actually comes from anime and manga. This detail was revealed in a blog published by EA in which the art of Lost in Random by Zoink Games is discussed in depth.

Through a publication called The Art of Chance, Electronic Arts and Zoink Games in-depth presentation of the work behind the incredible art of Lost in Random, which premiered on September 10. Zoink Games Art Director and Concept Artist Victor Becker, touched on every step of the process behind the development of the game’s visual personality, and confessed that he was not inspired by Tim Burton or Alice Madness Returns.

Arte conceptual de Victor Becker para Lost in Random. (Zoink Games)

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As a visual director, I want to highlight my inspiration sources for this game“Said Victor before naming One Piece de Eiichiro Oda as the main one. “The masterpiece One Piece is one of the greatest creative universes in the world”Says Becker. According to the artist, he feels great admiration for Oda as he often wonders “how was he able to achieve such a cohesive cast of characters … even if one is a humanoid reindeer by profession as a doctor and the other an adult dressed as a baby”.

Another source of inspiration for Becker was studio ghibli movies, as he says that the work of this legendary animation studio has always been a source of inspiration for him. “My pencil always unconsciously distills some of its DNA when I start drawing”.

Arte conceptual de Victor Becker para Lost in Random. (Zoink Games)

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The animated miniseries Beyond the garden It also inspired Victor, as the way his world captures the essence of a fairy tale caused the team at Zoink Games to rethink their character and environment designs. “I did my best to integrate that same essence into our universe”. The contemporary and historical pottery have shown Victor the abilities of humans to create art in another way, leading them to create the clay figures based on the main characters of Lost in Random.

One medium that serves as great inspiration for the Zoink Games art director is manga, who recommends that everyone look for a series that suits their tastes. “My advice today is to read some manga!”Was what the art director said. Lastly, Victor mentioned some of the illustrators and character creators who have inspired the game’s visual assets: Blad Moran, Heidi Smith, Sylvain Marc, Dani Diez, Jesper Eijsing and many more.

Arte conceptual de Victor Becker para Lost in Random. (Zoink Games)

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Lost in Random presents us with a gothic adventure that combines real-time combat and turn-based strategy to offer a new kind of RPG, which arrived last month on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and PS5.