Luffy becomes a woman thanks to Ivankov and this One Piece female cosplay

It has become very popular to change the gender of anime characters and this is no exception with the protagonists of one piecebut what many do not know is that Ivankov is able to make this idea come true, and it seems that Luffy crossed paths with this character in the next cosplay.

You just have to take a look at the photos shared by the cosplayer Fe Galvao while representing the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. With that smile she faithfully conveys the lively and cheerful personality of the man who will become the future king of the pirates.

Photo: Fe Galvao

In terms of appearance, it goes without saying that he is wearing a neat and well-detailed outfit with the clothes he wears. Luffy after his return to the pirate world after 2 long yearscharacterized by replacing the vest with an unbuttoned red jacket and adding a yellow band tied around his waist… and of course the inevitable straw hat!

Denim shorts and sandals are still part of the basic outfit for the straw hat pirate, and for some strange reason the scar outlined by Fe Galvão under his left eye it makes her look very charming.

We definitely need Emporio Ivankov to use his ability on Luffy if the result is the same as Fe Galvão brings to our screen, after all the ability of the King/Queen of Okama Land opens the way to the possibility of seeing our protagonist turned into a girl… (hope is the last thing that dies).

Photo: Fe Galvao

What did you think of this cosplay of Luffy as a woman from one piece?


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