Luffy Gear 5, the strongest and most ridiculous power in One Piece

Have passed 17 years since Luffy surprised us all with Gear 2, his first big power up. To give you an idea, we were in the enies lobby arc and we were going through chapter 387 of the manga (in the anime it happens in episode 272). From there to Gear 3, also called Gia sado, it was just a few months. However between Gear 3 and Gear 4 nine years passed, although the wait was worth it. We will never forget that moment when Eiichiro Oda took it out of his sleeve during the fight with Doflamingo, one of the best battles in the series. And now, another seven years later, we return to attend a historic moment for One Piece.

These last months, Luffy has reached Gear 5 and the result has not left anyone indifferent. It is not just another march, but the awakening of the gomu gomu fruit. Or what is the same, according to the logic of the series we are facing its maximum potential. Everything indicates that this Gear 5 could be the last transformation of the man called to become King of the Pirates. Precisely for that reason he had to be up to the task and boy has he been. It could be said that he has turned Luffy into the strongest character in all One Piece.

Kaido 4 – 0 Luffy

On what do we base such a statement? Very easy: in what the battle between Kaido and Luffy has finally equaled. Not only that, but she has begun to side with the mugiwara and the conclusion of the Wano arc seems closer than ever. Gear 5 has been key in balancing the contest. With the awakening of the fruit from him, Luffy has begun to be able to stand up to the king of beasts, possibly the strongest character remaining in the New World. Or have you perhaps forgotten how the One Piece narrator introduced it?

“He defied the Navy and the Four Emperors single-handedly. He was caught 18 times and sentenced to death 40 times. When they hanged him, the rope broke. When he was sent to the guillotine, the blade shattered. When he was sentenced to death by impalement, the spear broke under his weight. He sank nine giant prison ships. no one can kill him. Not even himself.”

We’re talking about a pirate who jumped off Skypiea to commit suicide, but survived. a pirate who never lost a one on one fight. Highest bounty after Gol D. Roger and Whitebeard. Kozuki Oden’s killer. A monster capable of transforming into a dragon and fighting drunk to see if it evens things out a bit. a guy who He knocked down Luffy four times. before this one, now yes, begins to warm his snout.

One Piece Luffy vs Kaido

More cool? no more fun

Many fans expected to see a totally black Luffy and coated with armor haki. Many others supported the theories for years in a way “tiger-man” or the version of Luffy Monkey King. But Eiichiro Oda has managed to catch us off guard again. The Gear 5 is true to the original spirit of One Piece. Nothing more edgy or more… “badass” looking. On the contrary, Luffy’s new power is the most ridiculous of all in terms of design and possibilities.

This transformation is humor and joy, it is laughter and fun. Roughly, when Luffy activates it can’t stop laughingtransforms everything around him into rubber, even people, and has become kind of a Cartoon Network cartoon, as paradoxical as this sounds in the case of an anime. It’s more exaggerated than ever. A cartoon.

One Piece Luffy Gear 5 Wano Manga

Physical changes, Luffy as Sun God

Physically, the first thing that catches your eye is Luffy’s hair bleaching. In the initial images it seemed to melt or be on fire, which led to associate it with the color yellow, in a Super Saiyan style, but it has already been confirmed that it it will be white, just like his eyebrows. What is certain is that she wavered as if on fire.

To the change in the hair is added the appearance of a haki cloud around the neck that passes under the armpits. It gives him an aspect of a Greek hero, of a god of the pantheon, and it makes sense. With the emergence of the G5 it has been revealed that the Gomu Gomu fruit his name is actually Hito Hito: model Nika, and Nika is just that, a god. Specifically, it is about the God of the sun within One Piece folklore.

Nika was given that title because she radiated light throughout the world in a metaphorical sense. Wherever she went, she rescued enslaved people, made them laugh and celebrated with them to the sound of the so-called “liberation drums”. In Gear 5, these are the last physical changes of a Luffy transformed into Nika. He doesn’t stop laughing and her heart resonates with every beat like those drums.

One Piece Luffy Joy Boy Nika

His new powers: gigantism and catch lightning

When Gear 5 is introduced, it is defined as “the most ridiculous power in the world” and it is said that its only limit is the wearer’s imagination. Now that Luffy is little more than a cartoon, he can bend into any form and avoid almost any attack. Do you hit him with a spiked mace? It doesn’t affect you. Her body envelops her and adapts to her. Does a dragon eat it? He inflates his biceps and escapes as if Kratos in the mouth of the hydra from God of War.

One Piece strongest power

His other great ability is the same as that of the rest of the fruits when they wake up. Turns everything around him into rubber just like Doflamingo turned things into threads. Turn the ground into a trampoline to avoid a woodcut, or pick it up and roll it up to return an attack with it. Its function is not only defensive, but comic. Luffy doesn’t control him and when he affects the rest of the Straw Hats, suddenly turned into caricatures, the results are hilarious.

One Piece Mugiwara Straw Hat

But without a doubt, the greatest display of power with that characteristic has been see Luffy catch a lightning bolt and throw it as if he were Zeus himself. That and the possibility of pushing the Gear 3 to the limit. With the Gia sado from time to time he would grow an arm or a leg, but now he transforms his body completely. luffy becomes giant, a shingeki titan capable of destroying everything in front of him, even the island of Onigashima where he fights with Kaido. Thanks to that, he has launched his final attack against Kaido, the Monkey King Gun.

One Piece Luffy Lightning Kaido

Implications and future

The Gear 5 has raised (pun intended) many questions among fans. Why has Luffy’s fruit changed its name and passed from being a paramecia to a mythological Zoan? Why was the Gorosei looking for that fruit? Has Luffy ceased to be luck, effort and will to become fate thing? Does Luffy share a personality with the Sun God? DNA? Are Luffy, Nika and Joyboy the same person, like the Holy Trinity? When Luffy’s heart stopped during the battle with Kaido, just before he woke up, what happened? The one who woke up… Is it still Luffy or is it someone else?

Eiichiro Oda is piling up the iron, but having followed his career these last 25 years, what has become clear is that he has a plan and deserves a vote of confidence. As for those who wonder how will luffy improve from now, the answer seems simple. Mastering Gear 5 will take time, and you’re sure to discover new strategies and possibilities before battling Blackbeard, Akainu, and the rest of your enemies on your way to Laugh Tale. “The only limit is your imagination”, do you remember? There is no doubt that Luffy has become the strongest character in One Piece.

One Piece Luffy vs Kaido Gear 5