Luffy might not be the real hero of One Piece


If you’re a fan, you probably already know who he is…

The climax of the Wano Arc once again proved that Luffy is not the hero of One Piece, at least not in the classic definition of the term. As we well know, the story of Eiichiro Oda does not focus on a single character, but allows his secondary characters to develop and give them time to shine, this is the case of Momonosuke.

The Wano Arc itself is a great story of tragedy, revenge and triumph, told through 140 chapters, fourteen volumes and four years in real life, through it we have met interesting characters like Yamato or Momonosuke. Chapter 1051 finally showed the conclusion of the journey of Momonosuke, the heir child of the Kozuki clan who was sent back in time 20 years by the powers of his mother, to avenge his parents and take back his country from the tyrant Kaido. Thanks to his faithful samurai servants and the help of Luffy and his friends, Kaido was defeated and Momo is finally able to get in front of the people of Wano to announce himself as the rightful Shogun. that comes back

After the victory in Wano and the defeat of Kaido, one of the emperors, the reconstruction of the country remains

Aged to adulthood thanks to the powers of a Devil Fruit, Momo addresses the people of the Flower Capital as a warrior lord ready to take back the reins of his country, but his mind remains that of a child of Eight years. This moment is the climax of a twenty year story and it gave Oda the opportunity to show her talent once again by developing sub-stories. At this point, allows him to show what Momonosuke’s return means to his people.

In Japanese, even though Momo’s speech to her people is eloquently written, the bubbles contain fewer kanji than expected (written in level 4 kanji). This also symbolizes the fact that Momo had to rush through her childhood, metaphorically, had to grow up very fast. Oda also nailed Momo’s adult design: she’s similar to her father Oden, but not too much, she keeps her own identity intact. What makes Momonosuke such a memorable character is that he was never a strong warrior like his father, but rather a terrified boy who constantly doubted himself.

one piece 1051 luffy momonosuke

Monosuke in his adult version appears in front of Wano Country as its hero.

Standing in front of his people and mustering the courage to deliver a speech represents the fact that Momo’s “hero’s journey” has come to an end: he left his home as a child, went through tragedy and struggle, and returned transformed. in an adult man, Oda highlighted the importance of this moment by adding his own comment to the scene, declaring that Momo will be known in the future as one of Wano’s greatest leaders. He will be the one who really ends up liberating Wano Country in every way.

Momonosuke, the true hero of Wano in One Piece

The “hero’s journey” is a common template in stories involving a hero who goes on an adventure, emerges victorious in a decisive crisis, and returns home transformed. The nature of Luffy’s adventure is that he will never experience the full catharsis of the hero’s journey., unless Oda shows him going back to his hometown in the last chapter. This is why the true “heroes” of One Piece are characters like Vivi from Arabasta or Momonosuke from Wano, who achieve their closure because they return to their roots, giving up the adventure, something that Luffy will never do.

vivi one piece abj christmas

Vivi from Alabasta is another example of a heroine in One Piece.

While Monkey D. Luffy may be the protagonist of One Piece, the emotional climax of the Wano Arc proved once again that he is not the hero of the story, at least not in the classic definition of the term. One Piece’s unique story structure allows each arc to have its own “hero”, and Wano had perhaps the most memorable in the form of Momonosuke.

Each island has its own unique story in the manga, told by a cast of memorable and often tragic characters. Most of the time, these small worlds have been disturbed by evil forces (usually coming from outside), so Luffy and his comrades have to act as liberators. However, the talent of the creator of the series, Eiichiro Oda, makes the local characters never feel like mere supporting actorsand this was especially true for Wano and Momonosuke, the true hero of this country.

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