Luffy, the last ancient weapon?

One Piece

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What if Luffy was actually the very last ancient weapon yet unknown? A somewhat crazy hypothesis which nevertheless has a certain number of foundations!

Where is the third ancient weapon? This is a question that is always more legitimate to ask when we know that Pluto was revealed to us 15 years ago during the Water Seven Arc, and Poseidon a decade ago during the Arc of the Fish-men. Oda lets the suspense drag on this question, which has already been the subject of several hypotheses, some of which pointing to Monkey D. Dragon. But given the latest information that is sown during the arc of Wano Kuni, Isn’t it more plausible that this weapon has a link with a certain devil fruit, fruit which would then point directly to the side of a certain… Luffy?

Gomu Gomu no Mi, a mythical fruit? — Credit(s): Toei

Indeed, a devil fruit is mentioned several times in the last chapters, a first time by Who’s Who, who explained to us that this fruit – at the base it seems a very basic paramecia – was in fact a treasure jealously guarded by the World Government. Something to arouse our interest, especially since during last week’s chapter, the Gorosei again speaks of a devil fruit, which would only be a “legend”, not having been awakened for “centuries”, but which would nevertheless have been “rebaptized”. However, not seeing Oda having fun in a single arc teasing several secrets about several devil fruits, we can make a solid assumption by understanding that the sages are once again talking about Gomu Gomu no mi.

The awakened Gomu Gomu no Mi, back to Uranus?

But then, what would be the awakened form of Gomu Gomu no Mi? The latter seems to totally scare off the World Government oils. Wouldn’t it be because it would then be the birth (again)… of Uranus? As a reminder, Uranus in Roman mythology is the father of all things, having given birth to the Titans including Saturn, himself the father of Jupiter (Zeus), the brother of Poseidon (Neptune) and Pluto. Uranus would thus be an ancient weapon not comparable to two others, but above them, mother of the world, and capable of connecting with any entity of this same planet.. We could thus understand Luffy’s power allowing him to train a lot of human beings following him as being a “passive” form of Uranus, while the awakened form would allow him to directly control much older / powerful / enormous such as… Zunesha. What makes him the most dangerous man in the world, ahead of his father?