Luffy’s Gear Fifth could be preparing his arrival in One Piece

What will Luffy’s face hide?

One Piece has been a few decades since its first publication, and fans are already wondering how its current story arc will end. Kaido and Big Mom have proven to be insane enemies for the Wano Saga, however the country’s rebellion has not given up so far. In fact, the latest chapters of the manga have made fans speculate whether Luffy was prepared to get a new form of gear. And now, a new theory comes to support that idea even more if possible.

It all came about when One Piece revisited Luffy as the captain continued his altercation with Kaido. The two have clashed with their characteristic ferocity, and it wasn’t long ago that Luffy took an interest in Gear Five. After all, he told Kaido that he had reached the last Gear Four of his, and this new theory only confirms the abundant suspicions of the fandom.

As you can see in the previous post, the theory began to circulate on Twitter in Japan before reaching the United States. The fans connected the dots after A recent panel will show Luffy in Gear Four calling out Kaido for depriving the town of Wano of their necessities.. If you look closely at her cheek in the panel, whoever pays enough attention, she will see a shading of lines, but Japanese fans believe that there is a hidden message in those lines.

Some of the shading appears to include the phrase “Gear Five” in hiragana. In the actual manga, the text is written vertically and flipped. However, if you try to isolate the text, you might find something of interest as long as you know what to look for.

Evidently, this theory has gained a lot of force lately, since One Piece fans are curious about Luffy’s limits. He’s been using Gear Five for a while, so it would make sense that Luffy would have a limit in his current form. This theory suggests that Oda intentionally hid the phrase to prepare fans for Gear Five’s rumored debut. And if it comes true, well, Oda has many surprises for fans of his great work, One Piece.

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