Maddie dazzles us with epic One Piece Yamato cosplay

The popular anime of one piecehas taken over the fans for a long time, especially if we talk about the Wano arc, which gave us the arrival of new characters, among which great heroes and villains have stood out, so after passing this arc, we have noticed that there is a beloved character that we cannot leave behind.

She is Maddie, an American-born model and cosplayer who has been stealing fans’ gazes with her own cosplay versions of some of the most beloved anime and video game characters. You can find her on her official Instagram as @matteiie, where she has more than 111 thousand followers and a lot of great cosplay where we see her showing off all her beauty.

This powerful and to some extent controversial, since he not only has a great look, but also turned out to be one of the most notable at the end of the day, since he is a direct descendant of Kaido. Yamatowho for a long time took the name of kozuki oden before making major changes in his life, as well as going through a transformation and sharing adventures with the anime’s protagonists.

This version cosplaywhich will definitely be part of our favorite anime versions, is a cosplayer who manages to embody the beauty and presence of Yamato, a character that could not go unnoticed.

There is no doubt that the list of cosplayers who choose characters from One Piece and the anime grows day by day, sharing their best versions that brighten our days, because the impact that the epic Shonen series of Eiichiro Odahas left a firm and indelible mark among his followers, becoming a legend.

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