Manga Plus could let you in the future send ‘letters’ to the mangakas of Dragon Ball, One Piece and more

The Japanese equivalent has enabled this feature which will be constantly reviewed by the publisher

plus sleeve is the best alternative we have in Europe to catch up on works like “Dragon Ball Super“, “one piece“, “chainsaw man” and much more that currently dominates digital reading. Whether weekly or monthly, it allows you to have the latest chapter of the manga of any work (as long as it is on the platform, obviously) at the same time as Japan. Now , the door has been opened to in the future this same platform will even allow us to ‘communicate’ with mangaka.

Yes, Manga Plus could be working on a very curious new functionality

Then I leave you with WSJ_Manga’s tweet that has collected one of the most interesting functionality that has been incorporated in Japan:

Basically, what they explain here about the Shonen Jump+ app is the following:

  • For those who have doubts, Shonen Jump+ app is the equivalent of Manga Plus but in Japan version. It is also managed by Shueisha and from next year all the new manga that are released on the aforementioned platform will also reach Manga Plus simultaneously. ✔️
  • Well, it is not that it has been announced, it is that in Shonen Jump+ a functionality has already been activated so that readers can send ‘Fan Letters’ to mangaka with works included in the platform. ❗
  • All messages received on the platform will be previously reviewed by the editorial teamand this is intended to serve to command support for content creators. ✔️
  • It also explains that if users give the go-ahead, some of the comments and feedback given through these fan letters could eventually be used to promote the works of a certain mangaka. ✔️

As I say, at the moment this functionality is ONLY active in Japan, and it seems logical to me. It would be crazy to suddenly go through charts from all over the world without even knowing if the system is working properly. Not to mention that more than one will surely take advantage of the occasion to try to annoy the staff. In any case, to receive international approval, this would be a unique opportunity to approach historical mangaka, something that is usually completely impossible.

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